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  Starting 1/2 hour later at 1:30


Notetaker - Michele


Discussion items

Announcements? New Members?AllCDL Changes - Sherry Lochhaas is the new Holly, Adriana left, and Ellen is retiring this summer.
UC Library SearchAll

Remaining Issues - Questions? - Suggestions

  • Cataloging
    • Open books - Julia
      • Is there are list of what Open Books projects are cataloged
      • DOAB seems to be picked up, but problematic
      • It is possible now to preference sources in Primo (UCSC is testing).
        • What are our preferences?
      • Action: Gather some examples of items that are in the catalog and some items that are not.
    • ACS Symposium Community Zone Test - Julia
      • Does your campus have the online Symposia in your catalog?  Some do.  Some don't. UCB, UCD, UCLA, UCM, UCSB, UCSC (some but not all), UCSD (no ebooks showing up, just a basic database record), UCR
      • Action: Michele and Teri will email Shi about the journals and the symposium series. (Done)
    • Current Cataloging Lags for ebook packages and proposed solutions
    • Checklist for adequate CZ cataloging - good enough for SCP to use and activate?
    • Do we want to make a PSE Cataloging Subgroup to work on this further?
  • Action: Michele, Teri and Julia have volunteered to look at this closely and will schedule a meeting.
    • Find out from Shi what elements in a catalog record are required by SCP to be acceptable for activation.
      • Title, author, subject headings. What else?
    • Identify a few packages that could be managed in CZ
Resource News / Questions / RenewalsAll

Fill in if you have any...

  • WOS - Dedicated UC Training for JCR.  Possible dates: June 3rd, June 17th, July 15th.  Features that are not as popular for us are taking a lot of real estate. 
  • ACS Transformative - Official announcement 5/17
  • ACS Backfiles? - UC Library Search says we have journals from 1996?
    • Will send ticket to CDL helpline (Michelle has emailed Shi)
  • SciFinder Classic Retirement
    • Set for July 31
    • Received what they are calling draft messaging for "nationwide" rather than UC. Say they'll do their best to customize the messages for UC, but I've asked if we can also opt out of any CAS messaging and take care of it ourselves.  I don't want to go back and forth with their marketing team over this:
      • Messages look like spam marketing
      • The use of CAS SciFinder® vs CAS SciFindern will make some users think we're losing access to all of SciFinder.
    • Action: Teri will work with CDL to update pages, and to request that CAS not do direct outreach to our users.
    • Librarians will need to update their own guides, and will redirect to
  • Springer MyCopy Missing (all titles or some, all campuses or some?)
  • SCLG Update
Reference Management Tools

Round Robin.  Reference Management Tools: How/What do you support?  What do you wish you knew more about.

  • UCB - license Mendeley & RefWorks but may drop Mendeley license, had Sciwheel as part of Faculty Opinions but now that they've split, we are not continuing; support guides and consultations for EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley, Zotero & BibTeX and workshops for Zotero but we are focusing more and more on Zotero overall
  • UCR - PaperPile Campus License and sales of discounted EndNote Lab Licenses.  PaperPile, Zotero and EndNote Classes and LibGuides.  Mendeley LibGuide. I wish I knew more about ReadCube
  • UCSD - No current licenses. Refworks dropped a few years ago. A few librarians support EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley with guides and workshops/consultations. Same issues with trying to keep up with all of these. 
  • UCSC - no current licenses. We teach Zotero extensively and exclusively.
  • UCI - no current licenses.  Support fo Mendeley, Zotero and EngNote with LibGuides.  Medical Center users like ReadCube.
STEM monograph purchasingJulia/All
  • Are you buying STEM books at all - if so, only ePreferred
  • For ebooks What kind of lending model - 1 or 3 user or unlimited? 
  • Is print being used?
  • What presses outside of Tier 1 or 2 are you targeting? 
  • Has ILL increased with launch of UC Library Search?
  • What are prospects for Tier 3 book budgets for FY 22-23?

Teri and Michele note: If we do not have time to fully explore this in a meeting, we can set up wiki sheets or Google Docs to capture responses.  If so, should we ask the questions individually and add campuses (e.g. Q1 B,D,I,M; Q2 B,D.I,M) or keep the campus responses together for all of the questions (UCB Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4; UCD Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4). 

  • To reduce jumping between pages, it would make more sense to have all of the answers on a single page. 
  • Google docs preferable to wiki?

Action: Teri will create a wiki page to record our campus notes, and send it out to group.


Fill in if you have any conference reports or announcements

JACS Shared Print Journal Call

JACS 7 & 8 Accepted Title Nominations - PSE CKG - Google Sheets

Anything Else?

Campus/Library Happenings - Round RobinAll
  • Berkeley - Good news: STEM Librarian position covering EECS, IEOR, and Statistics should be posted by end of month. Bad news: Library has a $5M structural deficit that we have to resolve. We're down 15-20% of staffing since pre-pandemic and are not filling many positions because of the budget problems. Had to temporarily close the Physics Library at the end of March (and through summer) due to lack of staffing because of vacancies.
  • Davis - Completed recruitment: Food and Wine Archivist for Special collections: Audrey Russek, begins 6/1. Current recruitments: 3 STEM Librarians for Researcher Services dept, Head of Archival Processing, University Archivist.
  • Irvine  - New AUL for Public Services Rikke Ogawa in June; new librarian for Political Science and Criminology - Elizabeth Hernandez from Cal-Poly Pomona, John Sisson is retiring as Biology Librarian, Thuy vo Dang will be moving to I-School at UCLA; a search will open for Archivist for Orange County/South East Asian Collection.
  • UCLA -  Rikke has left to Irvine, New posting
  • Merced - 
  • Riverside - Added AccessEngineering for 3 years.
  • San Diego
    • Dave accepted position of Collection Development & Management program director in April. Teri now the PSE Collections Strategist. Interviewed for serials/electronic resources librarian last month. Other recruitments ongoing and planned.
    • On collections side, we "scooped" all our unspent state funds and some from unrestricted endowments in late March. Collection strategists used funds (and the extra time) to make larger purchases. For STEM, this includes one-year extension of AccessEngineering (now through 9/2024), some Springer ebooks, and OUP content including Oxford Scholarship through Sept 2022. Due to Alma, new campus financial system, and staffing issues, we were concerned about last-minute rush selecting among liaisons to spend funds and CARS staffing to get materials ordered by deadlines. 
  • San Francisco - 
  • Santa Barbara - Currently interviewing for a humanities/social sciences librarian. In the process of doing an assessment of STEM databases.
  • Santa Cruz - This month interviewing Undergraduate Engagement Librarian and Online Learning Librarian. Together with Wynn Tranfield who joined us in March as our Engineering Librarian, our department has just about doubled. Our name is changing from Research Support Services to Learning, Research and Engagement. Our renovated bottom floor of S&E is opening this summer. Looking forward to being able to give tours since we are hosting the next LAUC Assembly.

Action items