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Discussion items

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UC Library SearchAll

Remaining Issues - Questions?

  • Subteams launching - anyone on? Jim & Joe
  • Latest SCP Update - shows active interest in using Community Zone
  • Analytics not available at SCP-level yet - no update
  • What is still missing?  What to do when we find something missing?
    • Parking missing resources somewhere? Gobi, Google docs?
    • Needed for course - reporting locally
  • Terminology confusion (portfolios/collections/network zone/community zone/Institution zone, descriptive record, subjects/catalog - related to analytics)
    • CZ - vendor created, any institution that has enabled CZ records will show up automatically. Relies on how quickly they add to CZ and quality of records.
    • Portfolios vs collections -
      • Portfolio is an individual electronic item (an ebook). # portfolios = # ebooks in collection.
      • Collection can be activated at descriptive level (for databases, ebook landing page, etc). Collections defined differently by vendor. Science Direct calls each subject/year package a collection. Wiley (I think) has one collection for all of their portfolios/ebooks. RSC has a collection for each year of ebooks.
      • Confusion about how items appear as activated in Alma at network level. Also what's in which collection and what do we have (RSC good example)
Resource News / Questions / RenewalsAll

Fill in if you have any

  • WOS - classic interface available again (until email is available)
    • Tier 1 API's - have access to 2 of them - Article Retrieval Matcher and WoS Lite. Anything else involves money. CC: Ruth if you get research requests beyond the 2 available APIs to discuss at next renewal. Only for the core collections, not for Biosis/ZR
  • AIP Ebooks collection 2 - CDO approvals, moving forward (Teri)
  • SciFinder - 1-year renewal approved; Lisa said she'd work with Adriana to "close the loop" (Teri)
  • Rumor about Springer Single Title Licensing (Michele)
  • SCLG Discussions - Transformative agreements with ACS and Sage (nothing official)
    • TAs go to COUL after SCLG
    • CDL Alerts?
  • ASM Handbooks & Alloy Phase Diagrams (Brian) - Done - sent to Adriana
  • Remaining Tier 2s for 2021-2022: IET Ebooks, SIAM ebooks....?
  • Overton, searchable index of policy documents:  Any requests for it, or experience with it?
OA Pain PointsAll
  • Nature Journals (no news)
  • Information flow to librarians as TAs are being discussed
  • Researcher Outreach
    • Overcome faculty perception that saying yes to OA = paying Elsevier, etc. Not understanding that these were subscription funds.
    • Any successful outreach programs?
    • PTWG is discussing this and may have some outreach available soon
    • CDL is working to make the process less confusing to the user
    • Confusing interfaces, confusion over library's funding to these TAs.
      • We don't have access to systems to see what researchers see, or to confirm that publishers are making it confusing
  • Too late requests - retroactive OA
  • How will success be measured, including financial?  
  • Intro guide to UCs and TAs (link) - maybe something like a 60 second video would be useful?

Fill in if you have any conference reports or announcements

  • STEM Librarians Collaborative: Jul 20-22, 2022 Meeting - submit a proposal (due Feb 25) - virtual
  • ACS - San Diego/Virtual - Mar 20-24
  • IAMSLIC - Marine Sciences (was going to be in Galway, Ireland)
  • IFLA in Dublin in July
  • SLA projected to be in person July 29
  • AAAS Pacific online now-next week
  • ALA DC June
  • ASEE in Minneapolis
  • STELLA Iowa City - October

JACS Shared Print Journal Call


  • Lecture Notes in Computer Science - We will want to make sure we have the electronic records for the analyzed titles
  • Revue d'Histoire des Sciences
  • Journal of Operator Theory

SCP and Cataloging Priorities

What packages are falling through the cracks? 

  • If you are a resource liaison for an ebook package, how far behind is the cataloging?
  • Maybe we could pilot working with Shi to make one package work a lot better
  • One potential issue is that CZ books might show up in the catalog too fast and January will be (more) difficult for all of us.


Next Steps:

  • Educate users about cataloging gaps?
  • Select one or two packages to work on with Shi?
  • Get familiar with our collections: speed of updating, quality of records, time lags in our catalogs
    • Reach out to Michele for assistance if needed.

From Shi: (didn't comment on the other publishers that Michele asked about)

  • ACM Ebooks –is on the go
  • AGU Digital Library – Wiley   --Will provide from GOBI
  • American  Chemical Society (ACS) – Ebooks –last year licensed is in the queue to launch
  • American Institute of Physics (AIP) – Ebooks – last year licensed is in the queue to launch
  • O'Reilly Higher Education –Will rely on CZ collection update
  • Springer Ebooks --Will provide from GOBI 

  • Wiley Books --Will provide from GOBI

Suggest that SCP offer something virtually to share info about Alma more broadly, rather than one 1 CKG at a time. (Teri and Michele)

Anything Else?

Campus/Library Happenings - Round RobinAll

Berkeley - Relaunched search for Director of The Bancroft Library and AUL for Special Collections, if you have recommendations, please pass the job posting on to them. Engineering & Physical Sciences Division will be posting a STEM Librarian position soon to cover computer science, electrical engineering, industrial engineering & operations research, and statistics. Brian is serving as Interim Head of the Life & Health Sciences Division, and we will be discussing the future of our two science divisions during this semester.

Davis - Some UCD news to post in the wiki: Three STEM positions have been posted at . Modeling UCSC’s successful videoconference Information sessions for their Science position, there will be two information sessions on March 11, 2022. A new position is being recruited (Head of Archival Processing). Expect an announcement soon: Food & Wine Archivist position. Libguides returning.

Irvine -  Interviews for AUL for Public Services begin at the end of Feb.-March.  Americans and the Holocaust traveling exhibition to a virtual platform.  The presentation was recorded and available for Exhibition Event Series on UCI Libraries’ YouTube Channel

UCLA -  Short 2 PSE librarians (Courtney moving to new position, Wynn going to UCSC)

Merced - Library closing on Saturdays due to budgeting for staff.

Riverside - Students are finally back and actually in the library...Phew. Sending a bunch (650) of Bay-area water books from WRCA to NRLF.

San Diego - Program director for Scholarship Tools & Methods hired, Interviews for Collection Development & Management PD completed. Just announced: Assistant PD for Research Advisory Services in the Academic Engagement & Learning Services program. Construction started on main floor (revitalization), with temp entrances until summer. Head of e-resource licensing position recruitment in progress. Screening committee just formed for CARS PD (aka head of acquisitions). Another person in that dept taking position with CDL. Dealing with delays w/ ordering and paying (Alma + financial system + staffing)

San Francisco - 

Santa Barbara - Campus reopened Jan 31st, library is jam-packed again. On-campus interviews this past week for AUL for the Division of Digital Strategies. Zoom interviews Data Services.  Opening for a Social Sciences and Humanities Librarian.  Added GeoScienceWorld as a new package.

Santa Cruz - S&E Library nearing completion of our bottom floor renovation. Due to reopen end of March. Currently libraries are open, and frequent PA messages about masking are happening. We are welcoming Wynn Tranfield on March 1 as our research librarian liaison to the School of Engineering. We are hiring an Undergraduate Engagement Librarian and an Online Learning Librarian (Optional Remote).

Action items