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Notetaker - UCR (and Everyone)


Discussion items

Subject CKG SurveyJulia
UC Library Search
  1. Document
  2. Experiences/Issues
    1. FirstSearch - Configuring coordination between UC Library Search and FirstSearch
      1. Registry
      2. Logo etc..
      3. Resolver
    2. Databases not showing in local catalogs (by design? - stay tuned) CDL decided that users don't get to databases through the catalog.
  3. Any co-ordination needs?
Resource NewsAll
  1. SciFinder? (Teri)
    1. (7/26) Lauren is leaving CAS, so I'll touch base with her replacement once announced.  Hoping to sunset next summer the old version
  2. WOS (Ruth?) - 2022 to sunset classic version - continue to use Classic for Biosis. Can't email results - some time before it happens.  Email from Classic.  EndNote is not working properly. Send a message or a cc to Ruth when you find issues. JCR will also be converting.
  3. Anything Alse?
  1. ASEE - End of July  - Pretty well attended (118 libns). programming was excellent. It is recorded. People are looking forward to getting back to the schmoozing.  A lot of vendors, and they participated in the sessions or even just attending. Navigation can be weird, especially for visiting vendors. Really good session on Overleaf...
  2. FSCI (Force 11 Scholarly Communications Institute) - Summer Institute - Late July - Focus on Earth Science and Data Reproducibility.  First time with a discipline based course in FSCI.  Concepts cross discipline barriers. Data management planning, within and outside of the UC.
  3. STEM Librarians Collaborative - July 21-22.  Impressive.  Ambitions program.  Everything is available openly. Well-organized. Could be an alternative to more expensive conferences.
  4. UN Science Sustainability session was excellent [link
  5. SLA next month
  6. Charleston will be virtual and in person - how will that work?

SWAG from IOP!

Scheduling 2021-2022 MeetingsMichele
  1. Pre-Scheduled? (if so, when)
  2. Calendar Invites?
Future meeting topics?All
  1. Vendor Statistics?
  2. LibGuides? We all have LibGuides. Best Practices and sharing.
  3. Research Tools? (Overleaf, etc) (Bibliographic Management- Mendeley, ReadCube Papers, CodeOcean,
  4. Alma-Primo (on-going?) - permalinks may require search and replace.
  5. DATA - Joint meeting with Data CKG?
  6. OER - Affordable Textbooks (Pearson?!)
Campus/Library Happenings - Round RobinAll

UCB - Three campus libraries currently open. The rest reopen on Aug 25 with limited hours as we rebuild and train student workforce. We will expand to our "normal" hours on Sep 22 but hours will still be shorter because most of our evening/weekend supervisor positions are vacant. Print ILL will also resume on Aug 25. We are completing a furniture refresh at the Chemistry Library before reopening, and there is planning underway for an addition to the Bechtel Engineering Center that will impact the Engineering Library. Because of budget cuts and hiring freeze, very few vacancies being filled currently – though waiting for announcements about new Head of Metadata Services and new AUL for Special Collections & Director, Bancroft Library.

UCD - Library has been open for a while.  Couple of positions open in the sciences that might soon become real posted positions. Three (3). 60%+ in person for every position.

UCI - Science Library has undergone renovation on the second and fifth floor and will open to the campus on Sept.13. I will share photos of the new space on 5th floor with teaching spaces and offices that removed all journals and books on that floor,  In-person orientation for graduate students in the library will be on Sept.15 and 16 for Earth System Science and Pharmacology.

UCLA - Opening shortened hours.  2 new science librarian positions posting in the near future. In person work is being negotiated.

UCM - Reopening August 23. Hiring freeze - Library will be closed on Saturdays. Struggle with SILS.

UCR - Opening Sept 7 (softly).  Working with the WRCA.  Just heard we are going to be masked?  In person tabling for grad student orientation - outdoor.  Online presentation.

UCSB - E-Resources management libn interviewing.  Andrea is Collection Strategist for STEM. Liaison responsibilities distributed.  September 1st, libns back. ACS coming up in August.  Chem-info remotely even though conf is a hybrid.   In person in Georgia

UCSC - STEM Librarian recruitment closes Aug 9. Science Library lower level is being renovated (last floor!) and will open winter quarter; we will be paging materials for fall. We are hiring like crazy - at least 8 positions coming up this year. Buildings opened July 1st. - Informational webinar for the position.

UCSD - Program Director for Collection Development & Management closes today. Same with PD for Scholarly Tools and Methods. Electronic resources librarian position approved. Dave and the collection strategists working more closely with E-resource acq staff with vendors and licenses for now. Part of Geisel open for study space through Sept 12 (10pm).  Nano grad orientation will be virtual. MAE/Mats asked us to submit 5-10 min presentation for their grad orientation. Biomed opening day after labor day - normal business hours.  Teri is taking on history of science.

UCSF - hiring a clinical research librarian and 2 education & research librarians. Building is open for badge holders only.

CDL - UCSF to House COVID Tracking Project, a National Database Donated by The Atlantic “Citizen-Science” Pandemic Record Is Available to Researchers and General Public  Preliminary announcement: 

Daniella Lowenberg is working with the Atlantic and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative on the announcement for next week for the raw data in Dryad but for anyone interested, the data are now published here:

Action items