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Notetaker - UCR


Discussion items

New Purchases or Licenses

AIP Ebooks (RL - Teri)

IET Journal Backfile

Inspec Analytics - All 

Access Engineering - UCD, UCI, UCSD, UCB, UCLA (disappointing lack of textbooks, but might be expanding)

Wiley Digital Archive - AAS (Riverside)

Legacy SciFinder PhaseoutTeriDate will be announced soon for complete phaseout, might retire in November, but maybe we could ask for a reprieve until next Summer. Change new registration links...

Julia -  SGS at ALA Virtual - Very good - Diversity in STEM Collections. 

ASEE - End of July 

FSCI - Summer Institute - Late July

STEM Librarians Collaborative - July 21-22

SILS Concerns/Information-Sharing
  • Troubleshooting E-Resources - How?  Who will we contact?
    • Clear campus path for handling issues.
    • UCSB had a form for reporting issues (open to faculty, who were not always pleased)
    • Slack Channel for Library Staff to ask questions?
  • CDI - Open and Easy? Will more items show than our users can get to?
  • Test Instances - What are we calling the different scopes for searching?  What will we find in each of the searches especially regarding tier 1 resources. 
  • A-Z Journals list, What is shown in the brief record?  Is it publishing usage or UC holdings or Local Holdings? Pick some journals to test in the test instances. 
  • Test instances are likely broken right now while EXL does Back end work
  • UCSB Weirdness - URLS for open resources are being prepended with Proxy prefix - Still being worked on, but might be fixed. Painful Exclude file to keep users from having to authenticate to ue open materials. Doesn't work if the same publisher has licensed and open materials. 
  • ILL outside of UC System  - How will it be done - This should work but we might need some training/guidance. 
  • Spinoff title from NEJM looked like it was held at UCSD even though they did not. Title vs. Collection holdings. 
  • Special ID to look under the hood and see why we are seeing something
  • Campus Decision for links to Worldcat and Worldcat search profiles.
  • Where will we see holdings of other campuses?
  • Revision of Guides and tutorials etc...
  • Permalinks - Will they be perma?  I was told they would work.  Lets keep our fingers crossed
  • UC-eLinks list to Alma Resolver transition - From July 27th through Early fall - 
  • One week access to test implementation before go-live for campuses that are already on Alma Primo... Maybe - Not all campuses have heard about this, might have to check for more details. 
  • Libguides - Ties back to Permalinks question, but getting things in order before cutover will take work.
  • APIs - Rolling out new search API - how will this affect us?
Vendor Statistics - How we get them, how we use them

Counter vs sushi 

Lets make a list of resources and talk to Nga

Campus/Library Happenings - Round Robin

UCSC - About to post STEM Librarian Position. Lots of other librarian positions coming up this year. Today both library buildings opened to the public. Science & Engineering Library is having the first floor renovated, and print items (that are not in Hathi!) are being paged. Working from home is a bit unknown, but librarians aren't being asked to return at the moment. Ken Lyons, Frank Gravier and Irene Reti retired. 

UCI - Head of Cataloging retired, might combine acquisitions and cataloging, How will coming back happen.  Librarians can come back in July but in September Librarians will be expected to spend 3 days per week on campus. 

UCSD - Can start coming back in July - Officially reopening Sept 7th.  Wave of retirements - including Electronic Licensing. Program Directors for Scholarly Tools and Methods and Collection Development. Geisel is open as a study hall, but no services.  Construction for Lobby remodel starts in September. 

UCM - Hiring freeze. Migrating to Alma.  Soft opening beginning of August.

UCSB - Hiring.  Interviewing for Middle Eastern Studies Librarian and Collection Strategist.  Internal rearrangement of disciplines.  

UCSF - Interviewed for 3 positions. Bunch of retirements. Have been open to students, scheduled ahead of time.  Main Library will be open to all ID Badge Holders starting on July 6. Not circulating until maybe August. 

UCB - Semester starts in August.  Open Libraries on August 25th. Librarians will trickle back over the summer. Anna moved to data services, Debbie Chan retired. 

UCD - Focus on SILS.  Library has been open for a while.  Testing not required for vaccinated people on campus. Attest to vaccination. 

UCLA - SILS and Flexwork.  fully remote.  Trickling back in August.  Will fully reopen some time after Labor Day. 

UCR - Librarians trickling back in.  

Next meeting 7/30

Action items