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Notetaker - UCSF


Discussion items

July Minutes

Website/Wiki questions based on surfing other CKGs

  1. Do we want to use this tabular (Atlassian Wiki) format for agenda and notes
  2. Do we need more security, or is open fine?
    1. Whole site vs. certain pages/sections
    2. Anyone who can log in vs. specific roster
  3. Other sorts of things on other CGK pages
    1. Resources of interest - Eur Hist
    2. Potential SCP cataloging suggestions - Eur Hist
    3. Google Drive folder and Slack Channel (Data Curation)
    4. Past Annual Reports
    5. Trials and Tier 2s - HLS
  4. Roster Review
Michele Potter
  • Atlassian format is fine
  • Try to restrict viewing 

Tracking PSE ebook package cataloging

Is everything on here?  Are any packages or pieces of packages falling through the cracks?

Julia / All
  • Ones on a schedule (e.g. Quarterly), we would like date of update
  • Check for our campus listed on packages we subscribe to
  • Send updates to this list to Julia or Michele

Coping strategies for the all-online library and how we are dealing with the current normal

  1. Any new resources especially helpful or popular?
  2. Dealing with limited license ebooks. Tips and tricks?
  3. Especially useful guides, workshops or services for PSE?
  4. Budget cuts and implications
  • Relationship with textbooks - cost models, license restrictions. 
    • Overdrive  - Has helped Irvine get books from trade publishers (variable length?)
    • Reach out to publisher for collection rather than GOBI
    • UCD Bookstore and Library $199/quarter for all textbooks - push for OER
    • User licensing - unlimited for classes, if possible / Single produces issues.
      • Education / negotiation with instructors
      • Prevent/limit downloads
    • Scanning - How much? Reasonable amount 20%? 1-2 chapters (at a time?)
  • Useful resources
  • Labs - What are they using
    • Some are using JoVE
    • Some UCB/UCSB Labs made their own videos
    • Aquifer? (UCI)
  • Services, Guides, workshops
    • Documenting resources on LibGuides - use is not off the charts
    • Library made videos - shorter (3 mins) more successful - use is variable
    • Vimeo / Youtube / Yuja
  • Budget
  • Davis
    • Shields is open
    • Will buy print and ship
    • Quarantining adding time
  • Ivy retiring - many issues, big void
  • Elsevier
    • Negotiations, no guarantees
    • We ought to know something real by January
    • In no, may be attempt at plan B or C

Resource/RL Updates? Questions?

  1. Code Ocean and + EBSCO?
  • OUP modules in Chemistry, Earth Sciences, CS, Env Sci
  • IBM Journal Archive
  • IET Archive - Hoped to continue Perpetual 2000- access, but it is not looking likely.  Brian is working on the tier 2, asking for better pricing. 
  • Julia is looking at Artech at IEEE
  • New Nature titles - costs are steep
  • EBSCO has a stake in CO and (investing in Open)
  • Tier 2 renewals, ASCE 

Campus Round Robin - Announcements etc...


UCB - New Systems and Discovery Librarian (despite freeze) - SILS,  New Head of Collection Services Division.

UCD - 2 new Collection Strategists, including Cory.  Bob will be PSE, Cory will do HLS. 2 new hires in Student Services. Diversity Scholar. Developed a saliva based COVID test, for use on campus.  Symptom checker, for a green pass. 

UCI - Medical Center losing 1/2 space. Finished deaccessioning. Mostly electronic collection.  3 small ranges in print. Medical Center Library is still closed except for a small 24 hour space. 2 new Librarians.  Digital Humanities/Area Studies Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities. 2 centers Media Resource Center and one at Gateway Commons that are open 2 shifts during the day.  Highest occupancy 48 people.  Winter will be remote. 2021. Budget needs assessment. Busy. 

UCLA - Jason Burton new in Sciences.  Locations closed through Winter.  Digitization, mail and now some curbside pickup.  Biggest demand is from Undergraduates. 

UCM - Closed. Possibly also closed next semester. Residential Delivery (Mailing services) Curb-side pickup.  ACNR. 

UCR - 



UCSB - Closed, no-contact pickup.  Some study rooms are being made available for TAs for teaching distance classes. Might at some point open part as a study space but timing unknown.  Collection Strategist model, recruiting for Director.  3 candidates coming for all-day zoom interview soon. Andrea Duda will be CS for Science and Engineering. Posting for Electronic Resources Specialist, can work remotely. No official announcement on remote teaching in Winter.  Chemistry planning grad student classes in person and some labs. No firm word on budget.  Encouraged to buy e-only. 


Action items