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Wednesday, July 22, 2020 @ 1-2:30pm - Attendance: please sign up on roster at sign in


Recorder:  Teri Vogel, UCSD

Proposed changes to the Agenda

Call for acceptance to the Minutes from April – were attached with agenda


  1. OHE Webinar, Tues, July 28 1pm – to register:

  • Discussion items: textbook situation – can’t be used in course adoption; navigation issues; links between books and video content
  • How to search by…. Questions given by Julia
  1. CDL Resource Liaison annual reports due in August (haven’t received call as of 8/24)

PSE & Related Resource Updates

  1. Status of GeoRef – Amy Butros
    1. Discussion about changing platforms from ProQuest to Engineering Village.
    2. EIV databases aren’t on Primo, but ProQuest databases are.
    3. Combined searching with other ProQuest databases.
  2. Cataloging of OA content in Science portfolio of journals – from SCP via Julia
    1. New OA journals, it takes a sufficient amount of time to get content for indexing (Becky waits for a critical mass of content).
    2. Problem with journals getting cataloged: new journals, migrating to new platforms and going OA, hybrid journals.
    3. Julia says to email Adriana, copy Shi
  3. JoVE
    1. CDL’s arrangement for access ended in June, tried to negotiate with JoVE for unlimited package. JoVE said no, would rather license with each campus.
    2. 7 campuses now have JoVE unlimited
    3. For the UCs, JoVE is seeing “through the roof” usage for the Science Education content
  4. Others and any news from UCHLS or SCLG
  5. IOP ebooks renewal
    1. Sam got renewal quote for 2020 ebooks (release 7), 105 titles.
    2. More medical content, problems with getting renewal in 2nd have of year. Would need to have conversation with CDL about getting support to “reset” the renewal to the beginning of calendar year, as most libraries would have trouble making 2 payments in the same fiscal year.
    3. Usage can help inform renewal decisions, but challenging with books publishing since they’re released throughout the year.
  6. Web of Science – new interface coming in 2021
  7. SciFinder/Scifinder-n usage data not available. UCSD rep said we should still be able to get usage for SciFinder Classic, said he would look into it.

Cataloging Priorities for SCP – due July 27 – review both for collecting info @ today’s meeting:

  1. SCP quarterly cataloging priorities on CDL website:
    1. Transition of journal titles to OA, getting these cataloged
    2. Getting MIT ebooks processed as fast as possible
    3. When can we expect new ebooks to be cataloged (example, the IOP ebooks once we complete the 2020 renewal)?
    4. Would help to know more about SCP staffing, i.e. how do they get the information about new titles for cataloging?
    5. Challenges with cataloging workload for OHE. Julia cannot get title lists with release dates to see what’s new.

  1. SCP standing priorities is also up for review:

Recommended Resources – there are many about changes in the Research Enterprise during COVID-19 but include these recent releases:

  1. From CNI: a report that came out last month from the American Institute of Physics looking at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the physical sciences. This is another valuable data point in understanding what's happening to the research enterprise, and will perhaps also be new to others in the CNI community. The report is available at
  2. How to Identify Flawed Research Before It Becomes Dangerous: Scientists and journalists need to establish a service to review research that’s publicized before it is peer reviewed. NYT, 7/21/2020 -
  3. Work done by – see
  4. Others

Campus Round Robin – new staff, job announcements, budget scenarios, getting ready for Fall 2020 news, etc

  1. Berkeley
    1. New research data management service lead
    2. Interviewing for systems/discovery librarian
    3. Recruiting for data services librarian
    4. Budget: library leadership working on final budget. There will be a cut, but not sure how much.
    5. Starting online in the fall. No library will be open. Planning for curbside pickup. Moffat could open later in the fall.
    6. Putting instructional content into Juypter notebook. Looks more “book-like” to be standalone or incorporated into Zoom instruction.
  2. Davis
    1. Hired diversity fellow
    2. Interviewed for 4 positions, including 2 collection strategists.
    3. Shipping/mailing books
    4. Focus is on getting labs open if they can.
    5. Classes 50+ will have to be remote
  3. Irvine
    1. Just opened library to staff, planning for pickup service in August
    2. Selected grad students may be on campus only, with complicated checkin process
    3. Cannot order print materials right now, except on selected basis for faculty/grads via Amazon. Sent to patron, they return back to the library. Only for print only materials.
    4. Assuming mostly remote for the entire year, with library staff only there if necessary
  4. Los Angeles
    1. New sciences collection librarian coming.
    2. Unofficial budget cut: 10-15% this year and next year
    3. Select undergrad labs will be optional in-person
    4. New program Petdor (pilot digitization service), scanning by chapter. Research over instruction right now.
    5. Working remote until Jan 4.
  5. Merced
    1. First 4 weeks completely remote. Doesn’t think they’ll open at all this fall. 500 students on campus (housing insecure)
    2. No word on budget
    3. Started curbside pickup
    4. New archivist
  6. Riverside
    1. No new staff, hiring freeze
    2. Curbside pickup
    3. Nothing known about budget
    4. Mostly online, few hybrid but nobody required to be on campus
    5. Not ordering paper unless necessary, and can’t be rush
  7. San Diego
    1. Mostly hiring freeze, recruiting AULs
    2. Budget may be 10% cut, but don’t know
    3. Curbside pickup, still figuring out phase 2 services
    4. Will ask Julia and Bob about standards on demand (ANSI or HIS)
  8. San Francisco
    1. Hiring freeze until June
    2. Expecting budget cut
    3. Building closed, with few staff members on site
  9. Santa Barbara
    1. Budget unknown
    2. Started curbside (grads/researchers) and scanning for reserves
    3. Some staff in building. Most librarians home for end of calendar year.
    4. May open first 2 floor for study
    5. Backlog of boxes in receiving for print. Library workers may volunteer (if willing to work and/or supervise students) to come in and work.
    6. Interviewed for E-resources librarian and film librarian
    7. Issues trying to acquire the one volume of Bergey’s
  10. Santa Cruz
    1. New scholarly comm librarian
    2. Mostly remote, no budget news

Transition to new conveners:   2020-21 – Joe Ameen, Merced and Michele Potter, Riverside, co-chairs

Next Meeting – September/October 2020

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