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Attendance: See Roster

Notetaker: Michele Potter, Riverside

  1. Review & acceptance of February 21 Minutes
    1. No changes, send to Julia if you find any changes you would like to make.
  2. Review & propose changes to today’s agenda (as we go)
  3. Introductions of new staff & colleagues
    1. 2 Temporary librarians have started at UCSB. Looking to shuffle liaison responsibilities
    2. Irvine has posted a digital humanities and humanities librarian
    3. Caldwell – STEM Librarian
    4. Davis – 2 Collection  Strategists + ____________________
    5. UCB – Data management, Systems and Discovery (hiring freeze but SILS exception)
    6. UCSD – hiring pause may impact AUL searches
  4. Update on OHE migration from Safari O’Reilly – Julia
    1. SCLG rejected sign-in
    2. Every campus’s authentication will be slightly different (Shibboleth, etc…)
    3. Irvine identified Shibboleth license issue (Does “current” exclude retirees/emeritus)
    4. 2 campuses have not yet responded to authentication questions (Library/Library IT/Campus IT)
    5. Maybe May?
    6. 1 month after for SCP (old will be pulled, new will be added)
    7. No promises before June 1 – Rollout from CDL
    8. Not getting Mobile App yet
  5. Resource Liaison Updates
    1. ASM phase diagrams and handbooks done - Anna
    2. SPIE Waiting - Anna
    3. Transtech books tier-2 – Journal renewal invoice came separately this time, Ebooks still in process. Will be integrated in the future - Julia
    4. Inorganic Crystal Structure Database renewal delayed – invoice in the next couple of weeks. To be paid in this fiscal year. - Teri
  6. CDL Updates
    1. Most recent SCLG Meeting
      1. Michael Walmsley the new Assistant Director for Systemwide Licensing attended.
      2. Discussion of RLF Print deposit strategies
      3. Resource discussion in item 7
  7. New proposed Tier 1 or Tier 2 subscription products
    1.  New EBA – Proquest Newspapers and history vaults
    2.  Augmentation money - Project Muse Ebooks
    3.  Augmentation money - Gale Primary Source Databases in the works
    4.  Scifinder negotiations ongoing, but access is not being cut off.
    5.  MIT ebook 2020 renewal handled - Announcement went out this week?
    6.   Springer 2020 is on at every campus now (even UCSD)
  8. Budget perceptions for next fiscal year – what are campuses hearing/expecting; any planning underway at this time?
    1. UCI - Caution, Pause
    2. UCB – Some anticipated cuts, not going to get budget until August
  9. Virtual Conference Attendance – including webinars – anything to share that you have participated in or will attend
    1. IFLA Cancelled – Was planning papers collection, but backed up
    2. Cory – In Summer 2019 attended Tableau workshop (a virtual workshop would be worth attending)
    3. STELLA – Rescheduled to October (Still in Iowa - Which we cannot use state funds to travel to?)
    4. ASEE – Virtual – slight discount in fees
    5. CSVconf.com - virtual
    6. SAIL (part of IAMSLIC) virtual via Zoom  - 2 days just happened.
    7. AAAS Pacific - Cancelled.
    8. SIAM invoice coming soon.
  10. Campus Round Robin – how are science librarians working across UC right now – any lessons learned; new ideas to share; problems encountered, etc:
    1. Berkeley – Purchasing faculty requests, and a lot of ebooks. Not a lot of online classes from library yet, but one is going on right now right now -- Responsible research conduct, Anna Sackman.  Working out instruction plan for Fall.   Online Exhibits from Earth Sciences Library with Maps. More anxiety about Elsevier access in light of other difficulties getting resources right now.
    2. Davis – Zoom Reference.  Zoom Teaching/Camtasia Short Videos (offered to share). http://www.library.ucdavis.edu/guide/chem124
    3. Irvine - Standards demand is huge, Licensed ANSI for ISO standards. ASME standards are also being requested, making proposal.  ASTM not meeting needs for specifications in FDA calls for new products. (Ventilators, masks, research tools). UCI doing a lot of work on COVID related products, methods, and diagnostics in reaction to FDA Calls. Julia working on instruction in Engineering (virtual/zoom?) -- Letting Students know that they should join professional societies in light of uncertain job market. Library participated in campus virtual Earth Day celebration with Films and such. .  Is anyone collection COVID-19 data? Irvine is being asked.  Hoping to rollover cushion money for decreased budget.
    4. Los Angeles - ?
    5. Merced: End of year spending.  Unknown status of fall instruction. Zoom consultation. Something about RLFs - (Audio whent fuzzy).
    6. Riverside: Instruction modules/worksheets. Licensing e-resources: Wiley major reference works, journal backfiles.  Struggling with license for IET ebooks and One Petro. Joined TRAIL.
    7. San Diego – VPN “quirky”. Ordering. Waiting for word on Fall classes on campus. Zoom instruction sessions for students. Anticipating move to LibAnswers (for ChatRef?). Medical librarian made COVID LibGuide. A lot of COVID related research on campus.
    8. San Francisco – Hiring freeze until June 2021.  Exceptions for absolutely essential positions. Buying, a lot of textbooks for classes/reserves.  WebArchiving COVID resources (priority SF Bay). COVID Guide.
    9. Santa Barbara – virtual office hours and consultations.  Zoom Lectures.  Buying electronic for Reserves. Remote lab courses are challenging – TA’S do videos and students analyze.  Cal States planning partial online for fall. Summer at UCSB at least partially online.
    10. Santa Cruz – Science and Engineering Instruction – Af first Instructors wanted info recorded and Posted, then 100% switched to Zoom in person instruction. RDM, Zotero (one more) workshops will be via zoom. Summer classes online.  Not sure about status of fall instruction. Consults via LibCal.  Hiring like crazy.  All day Zoom interviews coming up.
  11. Other announcements, business, items for future agendas
  12. Next meeting – July
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