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Monday, September 16, 2019 at 1-2:30 via Zoom

Directions for the Zoom Call are:

Join Zoom Meeting

One tap mobile
+16699006833,,5043550142# US (San Jose)
+16465588656,,5043550142# US (New York)

Dial by your location
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
        855 880 1246 US Toll-free
        877 853 5257 US Toll-free
Meeting ID: 504 355 0142
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/acQGifQqfj

  1. Call to order – Julia Gelfand; UCLA will record minutes. 
  2. Review of the agenda – proposed additions
  3. Attendance; introductions of new members  – please sign in. Let Julia know if any new staff should be added to UCSEL list or roster. 
  4. Acceptance of the July 2019 minutes. 
    1. Please send revisions by the end of the week
  5. Change in co-chairs for 2019-20.  Joe Ameen from Merced replaces Tony Aponte & advances in alphabetical queue. Tony Aponte leaving UCLA in November. Joe will take meeting minutes next meeting. 
  6. Announcements 
    1. CDL Website migrated to a new CMS platform  - report any problems via the Contact CDL page
    2. UCLA has two new science librarians, Renee Romero and Ibraheem Ali, who will be introduced on a future call. Tony leaving UCLA in November - Rikke Ogawa and Wynn Tranfield will be handling sciences collections in near future.
    3. UCSD hired an HLS Collections Coordinator
    4. Jennifer Harbster who was one of 3 physical sciences and engineering librarians left UCD for LOC
    5. UCI recruiting for a math and physics librarian
    6. Berkeley has a new chemical and physical sciences librarian, Sept 30, her name is Kristen Greenland. Will shuffle liaison assignments a bit.
  7. Cataloging Priorities for SCP, Q42019 – see message sent to UCSEL list on 9/11/2019 - comments due 9/26/2019. Julia has been sending them Trans Tech Publishers (Materials Science Forum, etc) content. If Safari package is approved by SCLG, will need to touch base with SCP about cataloging.
  8. Issues related to Mendeley browser plug-in – has triggered some breaches at UCLA that were likely caused by a user’s use of Mendeley to search for and/or download articles from the publishers’ platforms. – Tony Aponte. Tony will follow up with Holly as head of resource liaison program for ideas on how to mitigate breaches triggered through search functionality of plugins like Mendeley. 
  9. Following up on UCSD’s queries about establishing procedures regarding lost items that need to be replaced – Dave Schmidt. UCSD runs missing reports every 6 months, have been getting a lot of newer books on there, with a few checkouts, a lot of science textbooks, mostly books with high resale value. Part of this is related to circulation desk placement and security. UCSD trying to measure if their loss rate is similar to other campuses or if they were an outlier. Dave asked a few UC colleagues for informal feedback and numbers and he thinks UCSD is a little on the high side but some uncertainty in comparing numbers and legitimate reasons for losses (reconciliation projects, etc). About 1500 books across all subject areas, 684 were not attached to a patron, after removing reconciliation titles. UCR going through a similar process, but they aren't replacing textbooks until they are requested for reserve again. How many of these lost textbooks were the last copies in the system? UCR would like better data on how to make textbook replacement decisions, hard to identify textbooks. UCSD books disappear when they go to the stacks. UCR notices medical textbooks disappear. Hard to code books as textbooks in OPAC, usually not able to get textbooks via ILL. UCI - is this related to the larger textbook issue of affordability - students are just not buying their textbooks according to bookstore and publishers. This is common in sciences. Susan Sanders from CRC said they will sell books designated as textbooks at some multiplier, she's sending UCSD prices. If you have any info to share about replacement process and detection, please follow up with Dave. 

    Future agenda item: how dealing with textbooks in the sciences, OERs in the sciences.

  10. 2020 Renewal of Knovel  - Mitchell Brown. He received an offer from Elsevier for a one year extension, terms unclear. Current 4 campuses participating in Knovel. UCI having strong interest in McGraw Hill Access Engineering. UCB, UCD, UCLA have Access Engineering. Similar products, can we afford both? Late October or November is usual timeline. Knovel sub might be difficult to continue in future at same level of campuses.
  11. Conference Updates
    1. ACS – Chuck Huber
    2. SciFinderN – Teri Vogel. Stanford just renewed, they get dual access to SciFinder and SciFinderN for duration of their 5 year license. Some reps are saying SciFinder will shut down, others say it will continue, but they are stopping development of SciFinder, all development is going into SciFinderN. ACS moving to a database subscription model for their style guide, Teri is one of the authors and they have all told ACS that that is not workable. Estimated subscription price of new database style guide is $1500 a year for campus of UCSD's size. OA chapter will be freely available, part of references chapter / quick guide (?) Teri is writing will also be freely available. They assumed all campuses will buy into this, but most librarians have said this should be bundled in with all pubs. They made a lot of assumptions in this new business model that might not fly with libraries, pricing is unrealistic. Our renewal comes up next year. 
    3. SPIE – Julia Gelfand & Bob Heyer-Gray. Exploring idea of having a sponsored librarian registration to attend their SPIE conference. Julia and Bob went. Most of content was technical, Julia did not find it very interesting from a content perspective. Overall meeting was very interesting, very international, grows each year, about 4800 people, exhibits are not bibliographic, mostly tools and equipment. Not much US representation, very international, younger scientists. If free invitation wasn't extended, Julia likely would not attend again as a librarian. SPIE might consider establishing a library advisory board to make the conference more useful to librarians. They are trying to explore how they can be more relevant at the campus level.
    4. Other meetings
  12. Next meeting – November? We meet bimonthly. Looking at weeks before thanksgiving, Julia will send out a doodle poll for times.
  13. Campus Round Robin – B, D, I, LA, M, R, SB, SC, SD, SF
  14. Call for Adjournment
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