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Sep 21, 2018 - 1:00-2:30

Note-taker: Merced


  1. Roll call  (please mark your attendance with an X in the roll call spreadsheet)
  2. Journal/Database Cancellation Project
    1. Any news or updates?

  3. New & Continuing Resources 
    1. Tier 1 Journals/Databases:  Updates on campus weeding projects/major reviews? Safari 2019
    2. Tier 2 Journals/Databases:  Any updates/news to share?  Julia: Mary Ann Liebert

    3. Compendex: Engineering School Profile (ESP)

    4. Google Dataset Search:

  4. SILS: any update or news?

  5. Systematic reviews of Non-medical subject areas

    1. Is anyone doing these?  Can you share your approach?

  6. Campus Updates

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