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May 16, 2016 - 9:30-11:00

Note-taker: Berkeley


  1. Roll call & note taking (5 minutes)
    1. Reminder: Responsibility for taking minutes at these meetings will rotate alphabetically through the campuses

    2. Reminder: Notes will be on a public website so include only key points, decisions, and action items and exclude details about confidential negotiations

  2. Logistics & housekeeping (10 minutes)

    1. Conference call schedule - May, August, November, February?

    2. Wiki:

    3. Confidential documents and collaborative workspace

    4. Campus reps

  3. ENGnetBASE update & discussion (25 minutes)

  4. SCP monograph cataloging (10 minutes)

    1. How to best monitor monograph cataloging - especially for Tier 2s - so we can report if a package has not been cataloged in a while?

  5. New & continuing resources (15 minutes)

    1. Recent campus purchases or new product launches of interest?

  6. Campus round robin announcements (10 minutes)

Potential Future Topics

  • 3D printing services and makerspaces
  • Evolving liaison roles
  • OA policy statistics & success stories
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