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June 14, 2018 - 10:30-12:00

Note-taker: Santa Cruz


  1. Roll call  (please mark your attendance with an X in the roll call spreadsheet)
    1. CKG Business:  Chairs change 7/1.  Tremendous thanks to Brian for his work as chair, and getting the CKG started.
      As of 7/1: Brian (B) will roll off.  Cory (D) serves 2nd year as co-chair.  Irvine will need to select someone for a 2 year term.  
      From our charter:  "The Co-Chairs will serve staggered two-year terms with appointments rotating alphabetically through the ... campuses ... In practice, each Co-Chair will serve as chair-elect in the first year of their term and chair in their second year."
  2. Journal/Database Cancellation Project
    1. Database Review Task Force:  Update from (T. Aponte)
    2. Share cancellation approaches: criteria for cancellation, public relations, etc.
    3. UCSC LibGuide Serial Cancellations:
  3. UCSD licensing of Dimensions  (someone from SD?)
    1. 2 minute video:
    2. Info:
  4. Google Scholar Feature:  Quickly flip through papers on your phone  (T. Aponte)
    1. Check out the Google Scholar Blog:
    2. Specifically:
    3. SPIE working with Google Scholar to be compatible with Quick Abstracts.
    4. Also:  “Classic papers” search, Scholar Metrics, new alerting option
  5. Treatise on Geochemistry:  update on closing out Tier 2 subscription  (S. Teplitzky)
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