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Wed Dec 12, 2018,  1-2:30pm
Note-taker: Berkeley


1. Roll call  (please mark your attendance with an X in the  roll call spreadsheet)


2. Journal Negotiations:

  • Elsevier: Open letter(s) to faculty/campus, open meetings? Any news/updates?
  • Mary Ann Liebert Renewal:  [any volunteers?, Cory if not: RL Dave Schmitt can’t make this time period]
  • Other Journals Negotiations/Renewals? 


3. New & Continuing Resources:

  • INSPEC on EV
  • Dimensions, InCites, SciVal, other metrics, or ORCID (Institutional Membership):
    Do any campuses have/plan to develop outreach programs for these?
  • Any additional topics/news?


4. JSC:  options for One-Time Expenditure for FY18/19  (from JSC Minutes 11/20/18)       [Cory]

These options listed, JSC might do a survey. 

    1. Using it for OA efforts
    2. Addressing space issues and enhancing digital access to our collections:
      1. Digitizing microform or buying digital replacements to microform
      2. Transitioning monographs to digital
    3. Purchasing shared-print if any - prospective monographic acquisition
    4. Purchasing archive/backfile content if any - strategic one-time purchases
    5. Helping with FTE transition
    6. Pre-paying invoices


5. SCP Quarterly Cataloging Priorities Report to JSC: January-March 2019

  • Any additional OA Database & Title Cataloging to suggest?


6. SILS: any update or news?


7. Campus Updates

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