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Friday  April 19, 2019,  1-2:30pm
Note-taker: Davis

1. Roll Call (please mark your attendance with an X in the roll call spreadsheet)

2. Journal Negotiations: 

  • Elsevier:  Any tools, feedback, happenings/stories on campuses?
    • Campus plans if we lose access?: Reprints Desk, RapidILL?
    • How will options for getting access be made available to patrons? Mediated access?
  • Cambridge University Press: Read & Publish OA agreement
  • Other journal topics?


3.  New & Continuing Resources:

  • WOS:  Making the rounds, anything to share?
  • SILS:  Any updates?
  • Melvyl Switch to WorldCat Discovery: share campus dates for switchover?
  • Organic Syntheses [Tony]
    From Tony: Is is an open access version of .
    I just subscribed to the Wiley one before I remembered the OA one was in some of our libguides but not cataloged. I think at least one more campus subscribes to the Wiley version, wondering if this is an opportunity for UCLA and other campuses to cancel the Wiley subscription in favor of the OA version.


4.  Other topics

  • Researcher Profiling Systems:  any campuses looking at these?


5. Campus Updates


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