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October 19, 2016     1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Ready Talk: 866-740-1260

Pass code: 8248781

Notetaker: UCSC

Roll Call: Amy Studer, Mike Wolfe (new member), Shu Liu, Mitchell Brown, Angela Riggio, Jennifer Chan, Marty Brennan, Rhonda Neugebauer, Mary Linn Bergstrom, Anneliese Taylor, Christy Hightower, Sherri Barnes (for Gary Colmenar), Katie Fortney, Monica Westin, Mat Willmott, Jackie Wilson, Lisa Schiff

Minutes by Christy Hightower (Santa Cruz)

1.Roll Call

2. Announcements

  • Introducing Mike Wolfe, new Scholarly Communication Officer at UC Davis. He started last week; he is half time in this role now (he is the Authors Alliance executive director for the other half of his time), and will be full time at UCD in the New Year.
  • Future meetings will use Zoom, Shu will send the new meeting info soon. (ReadyTalk is no longer subscribed by UC). Using video will be optional, audio alone will be fine. 
  • Katie posted the OA week activities blog post yesterday.  She noted later in the call that every campus seems to be doing more this year than last year, so congratulations on that!

3. [deferred to next month’s meeting] Creative Commons licensing elections for dissertations and theses in eScholarship (Rachael Samberg 5-10 min?) – Rachael is not on the call today. She was wondering which campuses have this option turned on? We will move to next month’s call.

4. Monica Westin: Update everyone about progress of the eScholarship redesign and show a current mockup of ideas we have for the campus landing pages, ideally getting some feedback from the group (15 min) 

Campus landing page wire frame mockup was shown

  • Deposit button on every page
  • OA policies link prominent
  • Trending content area/box
  • Journals list carrousel
  • Departments list
  • Sidebar with flexible boxes that can be local content
    1. Question: how much do campuses want to have here, how much time do you have to spend on this? – will this be done by hand or automated? Several kinds of feeds are available to populate these.
    2. There will also be an admin tool that allows editing of the page – to allow campuses to update their own pages. What kinds of things do you want to add here? Your own blog could be added automatically, for example.
    3. Automatically generated content is preferred by Shu and Christy. Anneliese: would like some campus feeds included and not just library feeds.  Mitchell: like ability to highlight specific papers or subjects over time, like Ebola. A rotating list of champions, or a list of curated collections on a topic.  The Trending Content section might fit this need. Trending Content is completely auto populated. Jennifer: what is the publish map showing? It’s showing all content in eScholarship, not specific to the campus. Also question about the word Publish being used here – how does this compare to commercial publishing or to deposit in eScholarship in compliance with the OA policy? Does publish refer to the actual publishing side or the deposit side? There is both confusion and some potential controversy about the word publish. How about “sharing” your work instead? Or “expand the reach of your audience” might be better. Shu: usage stats – what kinds of stats and graphs will show here? At item level or collection level or what? Answer – system-wide is what they are thinking of now, not at the campus level. Jackie: depends on how have labeled the stats, since it’s a campus page may assume its campus stats so need to be very clear about labeling.  Stats are helpful to librarians to have handy (Mitchell), some library users may look for latest issue of the journal. On current eScholorship  page are some stats in a box. Mitchell – heat map of world to show international reach is helpful for marketing. Anneliese – make the stats more visual as an advertisement.

5. Monica Westin: Outline plans for re-engaging the eScholarship user group around the redesign project (5 min) – all the previous feedback from all the groups consulted to date about the eScholarship redesign has been captured. Group call with head of design and the library partners group is the next step. After that Monica will send out pages to the partner’s group. All of this will probably happen in the next month. Monica will email to the Scholarly Communication CKG a list of members in the Library Partner’s Group and in the User’s Group, along with a scope note for each group.  CKG members are to verify that these lists are up to date.

6. Mitchell – OA week update – some of his speakers are not available, he just found out.  Events will still happened but he needs to find substitute speakers.

7. Monica –Any last thoughts?  Shu is interested in what the new analytics will look like. Mitchell: any way to add ORCID integration, a way to control the author name displays. Lisa says definitely going to tackle that.  Shu: our people like ResearchGate and, so what social media features will be in the new eScholarship? Lisa: can share an item to different social media sites now, those tools stand out more in the new version. Christy and Mary Linn asked for the ability to see the redesign wire frame images more in advance to be able to sit with them longer and to be able to take them to our campus Scholarly Communication groups. Monica will work on that and get back to us.

Note – after the meeting Shu sent out these additional links as being examples of analytics features she likes: For example, the analytics in (need login to see it). And

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