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Scholarly Publishing CKG Notes

April 15, 2015      1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Call In Information

Ready Talk : 866-740-1260

Passcode: 8249732

Notetaker: (UCI)  

Attending:   UC Berkeley –  Samantha Teplitzky; UC Irvine - Mitchell Brown (co-chair), Shu Liu (co-chair); UC Los Angeles - Diane Gurman; UC Merced - Susan Mikkelsen; UC San Diego - Mary Linn Bergstrom; UC Santa Cruz - Christy Hightower; UC Santa Barbara – Gary Colmenar; CDL - Katie Fortney (CDL)

Absent: UC Berkeley – Susan Koskinen; UC Davis - Amy Studer, Mary Wood; UC Riverside - Rhonda Neugebauer; UC San Diego - Bethany Harris; UC San Francisco – Anneliese Taylor; CDL-  Jackie Wilson (CDL)

  1. Roll Call (Mitchell)
  2. Announcements (Shu)

a)   Berkeley's Scholarly Communications Officer Search.  Job description is here: Samantha encouraged SP CKG members to share the posting widely; applications are beign accepted through April 30.

b)  Justin Gonder and Katie Fortney visited UCLA (April 7) and Irvine (April 8) – presentation on UC Publication Management System, and eScholarship  (including journal publishing in eScholarship).  Katie spoke on Creative Commons, Copyright and Fair Use issues.

    c).  Lisa Schiff working on Elements Rollout Recipe documentation for next round of campuses on the UC Publication Management System.
d) LAUC-B is hosting 2015 conference, Open Access: Reclaiming Scholarship for the Academy

"The LAUC-B 2015 Conference Committee is extending its deadline for poster presentations at this year's conference, Open Access: Reclaiming Scholarship for the Academy.

We invite you to submit a proposal, and to share the attached RFP and proposal form with any groups you're a part of whose members may be interested. Many thanks!


The LAUC-B Conference Committee"

3.  Topics for the OSC Blog (Katie)

      a)  Solicit handouts or user documentation for helping faculty comply with federal funder requirements for making research data openly accessible.  Send links of material to Katie for inclusion in OSC website links.  Christy asked about support for the recent CA bill AB 609.  Katie mentioned the implementation is in 2016 so response to publishing requirements are not yet active.  Mary linn described the discussions about Open Access as helpful for faculty as a catalyst for discussions about data storage, data curation, and use of DMPTool.

From April 8 email: "Some of you may have seen this page from SPARC about the federal agency policies released in response to the OSTP directive:

So far, the outside-of-SPARC resources they’re pointing to are from Columbia, MIT, and crowdsourced on Google Docs. Do any of your campuses have local information about the new federal policies? If so, let me know and I can link to them from the OSC site. If not, would any of you like to work with me on updating the OSC site’s information about federal policies? You’d be more than welcome to mirror whatever we come up with on a local libguide, etc. This is the page that needs updating, and we should have a news post, too:"

      a)  Ideas for feature campus stories spotlighting interesting faculty research projects, board memberships, advocacy efforts

      b)  Develop a default set of interview question to use as a starting point

 4.  Planning for UC Open Access Policy implementation on campuses

    1. UCLA (Diane)  - update from Marty Brennan (UCLA)
      1. Support needs for the harvester messages continues, though it is declining.  This week there was one easy message – but in previous weeks there have been at least 4 or 5 messages requiring follow-up each time.
      2. We also hosted a day of events on campus featuring Justin Gonder and Katie Fortney, with a well-attended afternoon session on the Harvester.  Though aimed at librarians, the event did manage to draw about 5 faculty members. UCSF (David Owen) – recent launch update
    2. UCSF - no update
    3. UCI (Mitchell) - update
      1. Meeting with School of Medicine Library Committee; discussion about adding clinical medical faculty to UC Publication Management System and outreach for Academic Personnel workshop (Spring, Summer, Fall)
      2. March 3 - Conference Call with Beth Callahan (Davis) about implementation.  Also on the call were people from UCLA and UCI.
    4. Updates from other campuses 
      1. Lisa Schiff (CDL) will hold a conference call on April 16 with the next set of campuses rolling out the UC Publication Management System: Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz.
      2. Gary (SB) - Update - UCSB librarians and liaisons will take part in the April 16 conference call for the next phase of the harvester.
      3. Christy (SC) - Christy asked if there are videos to demonstrate the new UC Publication Management System interface.  Mitchell suggested asking Lisa Schiff about making videos during the April 16 call.
      4. Mary Linn (SD) - San Diego is preparing for the harvester but may hold launch until the early summer months.

5.  Update on UCI DASH outreach (Shu)

    1. Irvine is running a local instance of DASH and the Orange County Data Portal.  A group of UCI librarians aare holding education workshops for outreach and recruiting content.  They are also reaching out to groups in the Orange County area, with the first meeting with the Crystal Cove Alliance.  Shu has prepared a press release for UCI DASH that will be distributed next week.  Faculty are being targeted to use DASH as their data repository but eScholarship is also an option for data storage.



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