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Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or Telephone:
    Dial:  +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
    Meeting ID: 236 485 718

Notetaker: ?


  1. Roll Call

    • UC Berkeley – Susan Koskinen
    • UC Berkeley – Rachael Samberg
    • UC Berkeley – Samantha Teplitzky
    • UC Davis – Amy Studer
    • UC Davis - Mike Wolfe
    • UC Irvine – Mitchell Brown 
    • UC Irvine – Shu Liu
    • UC Los Angeles – Jennifer Chan
    • UC Los Angeles – Marty Brennan (co-Chair)
    • UC Merced – Donald Barclay
    • UC Riverside – Rhonda Neugebauer 
    • UC San Diego – Mary Linn Bergstrom
    • UC San Diego – Bethany Harris
    • UC San Francisco – Anneliese Taylor
    • UC Santa Cruz – Christy Hightower
    • UC Santa Barbara – Sherri Barnes
    • CDL – Katie Fortney (co-Chair)
    • CDL – Monica Westin
    • CDL – Mat Willmott


2. Announcements/administrivia

From Anneliese Taylor, UCSF:

I’ve begun moving over the pages tagged to save from the SCO wiki to the SCCKG wiki and will finish that up. Also, I reorganized some of the content on the SCCKG main wiki page to consolidate the categories. Let me know if any questions or complaints about the changes I made.

I’d like to suggest that we remove the “Archived Agendas” pages from the SCCKG page since we have complete minutes for these meetings under “Meeting Agendas & Notes”. If no-one has objections, I’ll delete those pages after moving the SCO wiki content.

From Berkeley:

See our position announcement for a Scholarly Communication & Copyright Librarian.

The Library of the University of California, Berkeley seeks a creative, collaborative, and diligent individual to join our growing team supporting the campus with needs related to scholarly communication, copyright, and research-related information policy matters.

Please find the full job posting and a description of requirements here:


3. Deep-Dive topics

Our deep dive topic for the month is:  Deep dive topics!  Let's spend some time brainstorming future topics & what structure they can take.  Any ideas for guest speakers to handle the topics?

From Shu Liu  (Irvine) - ideas on deep dive topics:

  • limit to one topic per meeting
  • inform group members the topic at least one week beforehand and send related readings (not too overwhelming stuff), etc.
  • topics on my head:
    • SC tools (open source and vendor)
    • OER platforms
    • Open textbooks
    • Collaborative authoring/editing tools
    • the future of OA and its impact on SC
    • Symplectic - group ideas to help advocate retaining this tool

Other topics:

4. Updates from crossover groups if applicable

    1. OSC: last meeting discussed OA2020 and question of Elements funding
    2. Data: continuing to work on group including non-UC participants. Google group established. Work on charter continues.
    3. STAR Team:
      1. Working on developing a webinar to help CKGs learn what we do and what their role is in the process.  Look for an invitation coming in the next few weeks for a call in the next month or two.
      2. We're working on refreshing our review of Open Library of Humanities, a collaboratively-funded OA publisher.  May result in changes to how that's funded in the future; our review will be 
      3. Question posed: should we be requesting a review of altmetrics tools? SCLG asked us to consider sending a request.
        Answer: it wouldn't really be appropriate to request a review of altmetrics tools in general; that's not really what the STAR Team is built for. If we were going to request something, it should be a particular tool or resource to evaluate. We could generate that from our discussion of altmetric tools, but we'd want to choose the best one to request.

    4. CDL:

5.Round-robin update

    1. UCB - UCB’s Library and Center for Teaching & Learning have launched two affordable course content pilot programs for Fall 2017. The first pilot service aims to reduce the cost of print course packs through Library-assisted syllabus processing. The second service provides grants for faculty to use, adapt, or develop either open or library-licensed electronic textbooks and course materials. More details to follow.
    2. UCD -
    3. UCI -  Mitchell: Added three new delegates for the School of Medicine – all are working with the Department Chairs.  There is an ongoing project to raise awareness with the SOM about compliance with federal funding requirements for data and publication deposit, so the increase in activity by faculty is encouraging.  I am beginning planning on a marketing and publicity campaign, along with Shu Liu, to raise awareness of the UC Open Access Policy and increase faculty participation.  A former UCI graduate raised concern that a Google Books entry display, with ISBNs,  for her embargoed UCI Ph.D. dissertation (embargoed until 6/16/2022).  The eScholarship record does not display without the permalink and the ProQuest record includes the label “At the request of the author, the graduate work is not available to view or purchase.”
    4. UCLA - May 5th Code of Best Practices for Fair Use in the Visual Arts Event
      • 40+ attendees
        • Many from museums and cultural institutions - Getty (7!), Skirball (2), Huntington (2), Hammer (2), Autry, and LACMA
        • A few CSU folks - DH and Northridge, plus Riverside, Glendale CC, and 2 from some place called "USC"
      • Affordable Course Materials application period closing
    1. UCM -
    2. UCR -
    3. UCSB -
    4. UCSC - The library is hosting an all-day symposium called Charting the Library's Future, on May 31, with MacKenzie Smith, University Librarian at UC Davis speaking on Expanding Research Support in University Libraries, Günter Waibel, Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director of the California Digital Library speaking on This Magic Moment: Are We Coming Together, or Falling Apart? and Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, University Librarian at UC Berkeley speaking on Bringing Together People, Information and Technology: Connected Learning. The day also includes lightening talks from UCSC people, and time for discussion with attendees.  Faculty and students invited to attend.
    5. UCSD - UCSD Institutional Analytics with SHARE:  

                  June: Allegra Swift, new Scholarly Communications Librarian, starts!

                 June: Brian EC Schottlaender retires!

                 FSCI (Force11 Scholarly Communications Institute) - July 31 - Aug 4 - registration open

    • UCSF -




Discussion items


Action items