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+1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
Meeting ID:236 485 718

Roll Call

  • UC Berkeley – Susan Koskinen
  • UC Berkeley – Samantha Teplitzky
  • UC Davis – Amy Studer
  • UC Davis – Heather Hayashi  (co-Chair)
  • UC Irvine – Mitchell Brown
  • UC Irvine – Shu Liu
  • UC Los Angeles – Jennifer Chan
  • UC Los Angeles – Marty Brennan (regrets)
  • UC Merced – Donald Barclay
  • UC Merced – Jerrold Shiroma (co-Chair)
  • UC Riverside – Swati Bhattacharyya
  • UC Riverside – Brianna Marshall
  • UC San Diego – Mary Linn Bergstrom
  • UC San Diego - Allegra Swift
  • UC San Francisco – Anneliese Taylor (regrets)
  • UC Santa Cruz – Christy Hightower
  • UC Santa Cruz – Christy Caldwell
  • UC Santa Barbara – Sherri Barnes (sick)
  • UC Santa Barbara – Eileen Joy
  • UC Santa Barbara – Kyra Folk-Farber
  • CDL – Katie Fortney 
  • CDL – Mat Willmott
  • CDL – Alainna Wrigley

Notes taken by UCLA

Announcements / Administrivia

  • FSCI2019  Registration is now open - please take a look at the FSCI 2019 curriculum.
  • Electronic Lab Notebook conversation with Daureen Nesdill from U of Utah, sponsored by the Life & Health Sci CKG, is tomorrow, March 21 from 3-4pm.  See previous email for zoom login. It will be recorded.

Deep-Dive topic this month:
Elsevier updates

Other topics:
Copyright / TEACH Act for faculty moving courses online, take-down notices, UC Presidential Policy (more to come at DLFx)

Updates from crossover groups

Round-robin updates

  1. UCB  -
  2. UCD - Working with UCD Health campus HR and CDL to ensure accurate faculty affiliation profiles are being fed into UC Publication Management System. Investigating revision of TOME Amendment.
  3. UCI - Working with the Office of Research and UCI School of Medicine to demo ORCiD for a steering committee.  Prepared messaging for Twitter and email messaging by departments.
  4. UCLA - FSCI registration is open. See above announcements for links to details. Launching two workshop series: one on OA Button and Unpaywall:, and a second series (in May) looking at publishing options, impact, and peer review practices. Link not yet available. 
  5. UCM - 
  6. UCR -  
  7. UCSB - For those attening ACRL (April 10-13 in Cleveland), drop by Punctum's exhibit hall booth (754) to view our print on demand books and learn about the new Library Partnership Program, which we will be launch at the conference.  
  8. UCSC - 
  9. UCSD -
  10. UCSF - 
  11. CDL -

Action Items

  • Follow up with Katie for deep dive re: TEACH Act, hoping for guidance on library message to faculty moving courses online
  • Investigate future discussion on: looking at library's role in supporting publishing (i.e. for DH, other campus experiences with UC Press?)
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