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Instructions: X = licensed; OWN = purchased


Resource NameVendorTier 1/2/3?BerkeleyDavisIrvineLos AngelesMercedRiversideSan DiegoSanta BarbaraSanta CruzResource Liaison
Academic Charts Online     X      
African American Music ReferenceAS   OWNOWN      
Cambridge Companions to Music     XOWN      
Contemporary Musicians     OWN      
Classical Performance in VideoAS           
Classical Music Reference LibraryAS   OWN     X 
Classical Scores Library, vol. 1AS   OWN     X 
Classical Scores Library, vol. 2AS           
Classical Scores Library, vol. 3AS           
Classical Scores Library, vol. 4AS           
Dance in Video, vol. 1AS    OWNX   OWN  
Dance in Video, vol. 2AS   OWN       
DRAM     X X  X 
Garland Encyclopedia of World MusicAS  XOWNOWN   OWNX 
Jazz Music LibraryAS         X 
Performing Arts Database (prev. IIPA)PQ XXXXXXXXX Diana King
Music Periodicals Database (prev. IIMP)PQ XXXXXXXXX Kyra Folk-Farber    XX      
Music in PrintEB    X      
Musical America     X      
Music IndexEB X X  XXXX 

Music Online: Listening Package

AS X XXX XXXScott Stone
  • American Song


     XScott Stone
  • African American Song
AS   X     XScott Stone
  • Classical Music Library
AS   X     XScott Stone
  • Contemporary World Music
AS   X     XScott Stone
  • Smithsonian Global Sound
AS   X     XScott Stone
Naxos Music Library  XXXXXXXXX Kyra Folk-Farber
Naxos Music Library Jazz  XXXXX XX  Kyra Folk-Farber
Opera in VideoAS   X    OWN  
Oxford Bibliographies Online: MusicOX   OWN       
Oxford Handbooks Online: Music (Foundation)


Oxford Handbooks Online: Music (2012)OX   OWN       
Oxford Handbooks Online: Music (2013)OX   OWN       
Oxford Handbooks Online: Music (2014)OX   OWN       
Oxford Handbooks Online: Music (2015)OX           
Oxford History of Western MusicOX XXXOWNXXXXX 
Oxford Music OnlineOX XXXXXXXXXDavid Gilbert
RILM (1967 - present)EB XXXXXXXXXScott Stone
RILM (Retrospective)EB XXXXXXXXXScott Stone
RIPM Online Archive of Music PeriodicalsEB XXXXXXXXXScott Stone
Rock's Back Pages     X    X 
ASAlexander Street



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