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June 15, 2016      1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Notetaker: Angela Riggio (UCLA)

Present: Shu Liu (I), Co-Chair; Jacqueline Wilson (CDL); Susan Koskinen (B); Angela Riggio (LA); Rhonda Neugebauer (R); Christy Hightower (SC); Gary Colmenar (SB); Bethany Harris (SD); Anneliese Taylor (SF); Guest: Jennifer Chan (LA)


1. Roll Call - Shu will add Jennifer to group

2. Announcements - N/A

3. Scholarly Transformation Advice & Review (STAR) Team update & discussion (Bethany, Christy, Jackie):

    a. STAR review process workflow:

    b. Full report on the creation of STAR:

    c.  STAR evaluation request form:

Jackie gave a brief overview of the STAR Team and work completed so far. The STAR Team is: Jackie Wilson (CDL); Roxanne Peck (LA); Christy Hightower (SC); Sherrie Barnes (SB); Bethany Harris (SD). STAR was appointed by SCLG to review transformative publications.
Background: During the previous administrative structure, SAG 1 and CLS charged a small group to look at existing documents to review criteria for investment in new transformative publications. STAR created a new report and a set of recommendations (see link to the full report above).  The brief list of publications/products looked at so far: figshare, BioMed Central, Luminos, PeerJ, Open Library of the Humanites, Open Book Publishers. An "expedited review" is available, as well as a "full review." So far, a few titles have been reviewed and acted upon (e.g. Open Book Publishers, Open Library of the Humanities). The Team meets every other week, and submits recommendations back to SCLG. SCLG makes the final decision about acquiring resources and sets the level of participation, funding, etc.
Goals: To put out a call for additional products to review; create a website to document parts of the process, to list titles under review, and to track titles approved and available; to track in more detail evaluations and purchasing of resources; to document an evaluation process for systemwide agreements, e.g., a few years into a membership, measure it against the established criteria to determine if it has met the transformative requirements.
Christy clarified that resources are not only traditional publications, but are scholarly communication-related products, such as figshare.
Jackie reviewed the Transformative Resource Evaluation Request form (see link above), and asked for feedback and comments. STAR would like to see many proposals.
A discussion followed, which included potential audiences, timelines, funding models, and who should submit recommendations. Further comments should be sent to Jackie or to the SC CKG list by June 24.

4. Any follow-up on OERs?

Christy met with Jeff from Sidewalk, a product which helps professors decide what textbooks to choose for their classes and assists in lowering the cost of resources by identifying OERs, etc. So far, OpenStacks is present in their searching options, but library holdings are not. Jeff was enthusiastic about this suggestion, but there is not yet a timeline for this development. The product is affordable, and is being implemented and considered by several universities.

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