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July 20, 2016      1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Notetaker: Donald Barclay (UCM)

Present: Susan Koskinen, Samantha Teplitzky, Mitchell Brown, Shu Liu, Martin Brennan, Jennifer Chan, Angela Riggio, Donald Barclay, Rhonda Neugebauer, Mary Linn Bergstrom, Anneliese Taylor, Gary Colmenar, Christy Hightower, Katie Fortney, Mat Willmott, Jackie Wilson
Absent: Rachael Samberg, Mary Wood, Amy Studer, Bethany Harris


  1. Announcements
    1. A UCSD social science librarian discovered an email thread on SSRN-Elsevier: Disturbing news. New restrictions on content. This could be a selling point for institutional repository. Mary Lin will share with CKG.
    2. UCSD is looking for job descriptions for scholarly communications person. Please share any you may have.

  2. New members
    Rachael Samberg, UCB (not able to attend this month)
    Mat Willmott, CDL
    Jennifer Chan, UCLA

  3. PeerJ
    Which campuses have invested or are seriously considering? (See Bethany's 7/19 email.) Reminder to reply to Bethany’s question.
    UCB, UCSD, UCI, and UCSC are all invested in PeerJ.
    At UCB people are finding and using PeerJ.
    Do PeerJ campuses pay for page charges, if any?
    UCSC basic membership includes page charges.

  4. Chronicle article discussion (Gary/Rhonda)
    Article was not accurate. Does UC really have 25% deposit rate? Or 25% faculty participation rate? Kirk Hastings of CDL is working on new dashboard with better statistics, and some figures were in Catherine Mitchell's response on Liblicense list. At UCI 20.4% of Senate faculty have deposited one or more publications—highest rate in UC.
    What about non-faculty authors? The are in a separate group.
    How to respond to future articles on OA Policy, if any? Do we need a communication plan? Information we can share? CDL: Working on improving access to information on OA Policy uptake, including nice data visualization—coming soon, Fall 2016. 
    Integration with faculty evaluation software will increase compliance.
    One faculty response: “Why do I have to do more stuff?”
    Comments were not enabled for the CHE article.
    Is California OA law for state-funded research being enforced?
    Will it be helpful to have Kirk Hastings talk to this group? (no strong response yes or no).
    When is new eScholarship site live? Katie checked with Lisa, and confirmed that redesign launch looks like early 2017.

  5. OERs/affordable course materials.
    UCLA: Affordable Course Materials Initiative—covers lots of ground, more than just textbooks. Library is learning what goes on in different UCLA departments. Large courses tend to have expensive textbooks. Bookstore doing some interesting things. Course reader people have been working with library to leverage licensing—searching Gobi for available ebooks. OER is a hard nut to crack at UCLA.

    Anyone providing services for OER textbook producers?
    UCSD: Bookstore has been helping faculty create readers.
    UCSC: Conference vendor (Redshelf) encouraging bookstores to become publishing centers for their campuses. Libraries are not being thought of as part of the solution. Opportunities to collaborate. Bookstores are reinventing just as libraries are reinventing.

    From Christy Hightower’s follow up email regarding UCSC bookstore’s point of sale system:
    Verba is the name of the point of sale vendor with the new module that included the checkbox for instructors to check to "put the book on reserve in the library" (with as yet no connection to the library to do that).  I was also talking with them about possibilities for facilitating searching the library catalog within the module so instructors knew what we had as they chose their textbooks in the software (as I am also trying to do with Sidewalk).

    From Jennifer Chan’s follow-up email:
    I’m glad I had the opportunity to connect with all of you on today’s call. Thanks, Katie. On the topic of OERs and affordable textbooks, I wanted to share a video, produced by UCLA USAC, that was played during the CALPIRG/USAC Affordable Textbook Forum that was held here at Young Research Library in May.
    CALPIRG Textbook Affordability Campaign

    Email forthcoming with details on how new hire will work on OER.


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