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Scholarly Publishing Common Knowledge Group

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Notetaker:  UCI, Shu Liu 


1. Roll Call (Mitchell)

Present: Samantha Teplitzky (Berkeley), Mitchell Brown (Irvine), Shu Liu (Irvine), Mary Linn Bergstrom (San Diego), Bethany Harris (San Diego), Anneliese Taylor (UCSF), Gary Colmenar (Santa Barbara), Christy Hightower (Santa Cruz), Katie Fortney (CDL), Jackie Wilson (CDL)

Absent: Amy Studer (Davis), Mary Wood (Davis), Diane Gurman (UCLA), Rhonda Neugebauer (Riverside), Susan Koskinen (Berkeley), Susan Mikkelsen (Merced)


2. Announcements (Mitchell)

a. Shu Liu will be co-chair (2015), replacing Nancy Stimson as outgoing co-chair.

b. UC Press announcement: Luminos and Collabra 

"Collabra and Luminos are the Press’s answer to the changing publishing and dissemination needs of our audiences. Both align with our mission to build reach and impact for transformative scholarship: They expand publishing options for scholarly authors and researchers, make it easier for readers to find and use content, and—unlike any other OA models—share the value and benefit generated from publishing across the research community."

Collabra ( is based on a pay-it-forward model designed to share value generated from publishing an article among the editors and reviewers who contribute to its success. Reviewers and editors are directly compensated for their work on the journal. They can opt to pass this money on to an APC waiver fund that helps other authors, or to their institution’s Open Access fund.

Luminos ( combines the best of OA and digital publishing with the same exacting editorial standards as our traditional monograph print program. Luminos gives authors more online reach and discoverability, plus control over how their work is used by others. Multiple forms of digital media can enhance the content—and for those who need a book in hand, print copies are available. The cost of publishing is shared between the publisher, the author’s institution, and libraries in manageable amounts. Our goal with the Luminos model is to ensure a healthy future for monographs." UC_Press_Collabra-Luminos_Press_Release_01.21.2015.pdf

c. Staffing updates on campuses: Irvine – E-Research and Digital Scholarship Services Librarian (Laura Smart) – March 2

d. OSC Website and Blog Updates: Katie provided updates on blog.


3. New Resource: Open Access and Citations  (Mitchell)

“One of the most common questions we hear from faculty, researchers and students on our campuses during discussions about Open Access is: "Is there any evidence that making my article available though an Open Access channel will actually result in more citations for my work?"

This question has been examined in a growing number of studies, and our colleagues at SPARC Europe have complied a helpful new resource to provide up-to-date information on this important topic.  Building on the excellent groundwork provided by the JISC-supported "OpCit" project, SPARC EU has created an updated list of the 70 studies published to date examining Open Access and possible citation advantages, along with a summary table that provides comparative details on the studies' methodologies and findings.”

Mitchell shared with the group "Digital Scholarship: New Metrics, New Modes" (online class). He will be attending and report back his learning. Mary (question) informed that there is an ARL assessment on altmetrics and asked that whether CKGs provide funding for professional training. There was a discussion on CKG training funds - Mitchell is going to bring this topic to his bosses at UCI and SAG1. Gary informed that Santa Barbara recently hired a librarian for training and development.


4. Fair Use Week planning updates (Mitchell)

Fair Use Week - the 3rd week of February. Mitchell shared that there will possibly be an event at UCLA. Each campus will do their own planning for activities. UCI will create infographics.


5. Updates on UC Open Access Policy implementation (Mitchell)

UCLA has turned on the harvesting tool and received overwhelming responses - 700+ faculty members checked the email and 600+ logged into the system. UCI is holding off until after the UL talks to Academic Senate - may not start till February. Santa Cruz has also turned it on but is not overwhelmed - there are only 3 (question) faculty members who reacted; however, this is initial and the Library has not yet moved into the 2nd round of outreach. Mitchell stated that there are variations among departments/disciplines as far as "ease of implementation" because each department/discipline has a different model.

There was a discussion on citations of OA articles: 1) whether to cite eScholarship version or publisher version when both are available; 2) whether to include DOIs; 3) which version is best to use (question) (Katie: find a version that works, so long as it is not the publisher version.)


6. Other

Upcoming conferences: Mary, Katie, and Anneliese will be at ALA midwinter. Bethany and Mary will be attending ACRL in Portland. There will probably be someone from CDL at Library Publishing Coalition Meeting (question).

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