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 In 2015, UC DOC (Direction & Oversight Committee) made a recommendation to the Council of University Librarians (CoUL) about providing support for common tools to provide collaborative working and discussion space for DOC, CKGs, etc. Examples of such collaborative tools are wikis, blogs, discussion lists, chat, calendaring, and web conferencing.

 In responding to the directive of the UC DOC, the UC Communication & Collaboration Tools for UCLAS Project Team (CCTPT) is charged to recommend a common suite of highly functional online tools for collaboration and communication that meet the needs and use patterns of the UC Library Advisory Structure (UCLAS) groups.

A central and shared suite of collaborative tools is an essential element to ensure successful cross-campus work. Support of technology that enables effective and productive collaborative work serves to encourage information exchange. The Project Team is interviewing various groups in UCLAS to collect, understand and assess their needs. We appreciate your assistance.


    • Collaboration Tools
      • Shared documentation spaces (confluence wiki, mediawiki, box, etc)
      • Shared task tracking tools (basecamp, trello, jira, etc)
      • Calendaring/scheduling (outlook, doodle, etc)
    • Communication Tools
      • email
      • chat (slack, skype, etc)
      • video conference (zoom, webex, etc)
      • phone conference (readytalk, etc)


  • Form to collection data:
  • Can you tell us how you typically conduct your communication and collaborative efforts, from start to finish for example jointly writing a report?
  • Please describe the collaboration and communication tools that your group has used for the last 2-3 years
    • What did you like the most about each of them?
    • What were the main shortcomings of each of them?
    • Have you had any problems with the availability of any of the tools?
    • Did any team/group members have problems accessing/using those tools?
    • Have you heard of any other collaboration tools that you would like to test/use?
  • What combination of tools worked best for your group?
  • What outcome of this CCPCT team's project would be useful for your group?
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  1. I am not sure I understand the purpose of asking for tools "since inception" – what am I missing? 

    1. I would have said "since your group has been charged", but some UCLAS groups don't have charges...