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Helena Meier, Berkeley
Shannon Monroe, Berkeley
Patrick Shannon, Berkeley
Kristen Van Vliet
, Berkeley
Joe Ferrie, CDL
Caitlin Nelson, CDL
Alison Ray, CDL
Jason Newborn, Davis
Lai Arakawa, Irvine
Jessica Brobst, Irvine
Sherry Hallam, Irvine
Kevin Lee, Irvine
Dianna Sahhar, Irvine (co-chair)
Melissa Torres, Irvine
Alicia Amador , Los Angeles
Sandra Farfan-Gracia, Los Angeles
Gabriel Juarez, Los Angeles
Demitra Borrero, Merced
Nathaniel Garcia, Merced
Ellen Dario, NRLF
Weston Tate, NRLF
Kimberly Noon, Riverside
Vince Novoa, Riverside
Bernice Ridgeway, Riverside
Sabrina Simmons, Riverside
Maryana Avagyan Magee, San Diego
Debbie Cox, San Diego (co-chair)
Jay Dailey, San Diego
Judea D'Arnaud, San Diego
Peter Devine, San Diego
Isabel Encinas, San Diego
Leatrice Goodson, San Diego
Ryan White, San Francisco
Scott Hathaway, Santa Barbara
Mallory DeBartolo, Santa Cruz
Maria del Toro, Santa Cruz
Tyler Green, Santa Cruz
Sarah Troy, Santa Cruz
Jon Edmondson, SRLF

Rebecca Pernell, Stanford
Hilary Thorsen, Stanford
Zach Veley, Stanford

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