Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Common Knowledge Group Charter

  1. Summary and Scope of Work 
  • This CKG is a standing group of library staff members from across the UC system with a vested interest in the areas of equity, diversity, inclusion (EDI), as well as accessibility, and anti-racism in library policy and practice. These staff members may be working on campus-specific committees in the areas of EDI, but membership in these groups is not necessary for participation in the CKG. 
  • This CKG communicates with and provides support to the UC Libraries Advisory Structure but does not make systemwide policy decisions, manage projects or project teams, or oversee ongoing services. 
  • This CKG provides a forum to actively support building campus-based diversity, equity and inclusion work at the systemwide level, as listed in the 2020-2021 UC Libraries Annual Plans and Priorities document as a new project. This CKG will provide input to CoUL and DOC as needed on their goals to “develop through facilitated dialogue a shared understanding of how the UC Libraries can actively engage in anti-racism and equity work; with that foundational understanding, build further near- and long-term equity goals within the systemwide priorities,” and “discuss local diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and pursue opportunities to build on and advance such work to transform our approaches, resources, services and operations at the systemwide level.” 
  • This CKG has an aspirational impact of building a systemwide set of values and goals around EDI work, and supporting these goals through ongoing discussions, reporting, and advocacy for centering EDI in library services and recruitment / retention. The goal of this CKG is to help build a more diverse and equitable library system across UC via a grassroots approach. 
  • The CKG’s work will be done through sharing of knowledge resources, collaboratively exploring and developing shared guidelines and best practices for EDI work, reporting on current campus initiatives, sharing training opportunities, among other activities.

      2. Key Expectations 

This CKG will: 

  • Discuss current and planned initiatives across the UC library system.
  • Gather and share information about the environment, opportunities, new technologies, best practices, and local campus developments within the knowledge areas of equity, diversity, and inclusion. 
  • Provide input and information to other UC Libraries groups, such as DOC and CoUL, as requested. 
  • Conceive and advance innovative ideas and improvements relevant to the UC Libraries’ Systemwide Plan and Priorities. 

This CKG aims to offer support to UC Libraries EDI groups and is not meant to be project driven.

     3. Membership and Terms of Appointment 

Membership is open to all levels of staff interested in EDI issues in the library. To seek membership, interested parties must contact an EDI CKG chair or vice-chair. The group includes library staff members representing the 10 UC campuses and the California Digital Library and other representatives invited by the chair. 

Chair and Vice-chair positions will serve for a 1 year term (2 years total as Vice Chair and then Chair), and will rotate among the campuses in alphabetical order based on available resources. Two people may also serve as co-chairs of the group, with the Vice Chair rotating into a co-chair position each year. 

Current members include: Contact information:
Alix Norton (UCSC) - Co-chairabnorton@ucsc.edu
Jerrold Shiroma (UCM) - Co-chairjshiroma@ucmerced.edu

Rachel Almodovar (UCSD) 

Celina Ivy (UCD)csivy@ucdavis.edu
Diana King (UCLA) diking@library.ucla.edu
Megan Rosenbloom (UCLA) 
Krystal Tribbett (UCI) 

     4. Communication and Meetings 

This CKG’s communication responsibilities are to: 

  • Maintain an email list for use by the CKG; CKGs with open membership will maintain lists open to all interested UC Libraries staff. 
  • Post and maintain a historical record of meeting minutes and reports, accessible to all interested UC Libraries staff.=

     5. This CKG will communicate regularly through these forums: 

  • Via an email listserv: edi-ckg@lists.ucmerced.edu
  • Via a wiki space

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