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The Digital Repository Common Knowledge Group is focused on the area of digital repository metadata, covering metadata standards, requirements and lifecycles for digital asset management systems, institutional repositories and digital collections systems.

Charter (rev. September 2017)

Meeting Time & Communication Channels

Meeting Time: Fourth Mondays, 2pm, every 3rd month

Connection Information

See Outlook Invite for Zoom link

Communication: The group currently uses a Google Group for communication!forum/uc-drmig 


Membership is open to all levels of staff responsible for or involved in digital repository metadata and closely related services. To seek membership, interested parties must contact the DRMD CKG Chair. The group include a broad range of experts from the UC community.

  • Jared Campbell (UCD)
  • Noah Geraci, Chair (UCR)
  • Claudia Horning (UCLA)
  • Arwen Hutt (UCSD)
  • Rachel Jaffe (UCSC)
  • Xiaoli Li (UCD)
  • Ryan Johnson (UCSD)
  • Chrissy Rissmeyer (UCSB)
  • Adrian Turner (CDL)
  • Lisa Wong (UCSC)

Minutes and Agendas

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