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October 2023 or later

September 2023

  • Author Outreach Strategy 2023 by PTWG Communications Group regarding UC authors' choice to publish under the subscription model in journals covered by a UC transformative agreement (Guest speaker: Jessica Nussbaum, UCD/PTWG)
  • Annual JSC Survey for New Library Resources for FY23/24, to be released Sept 11 (not deep dive, but should be highlighted in September SCCKG meeting)

August 2023

July 2023

June 2023

May 2023

April 2023

  • cancelled

March 2023

  • Transformative agreements & impacts on campus library staff
    • Updates from campuses: How are you dealing with staffing/capacity in answering questions and providing outreach to faculty & researchers?
    • What are common challenges (and potential recommendations) that we experience, and how to communicate impact of this ongoing workload?
    • There are several different groups that are responsible for TA implementation and communication:
      • Project TRANSFORM Working Group (PTWG) as well as newly-created Communications and Author Outreach Team
      • Transformative Agreements Implementation Group (TAIG)
      • OSC's proposed working group to create Open Access pathways “cheat sheets” and resources for faculty 
    • How can schol-comm librarians on the ground (us) both leverage the assistance, information, resources we get from these groups, and also productively raise issues or suggestions about our experiences? 
    • Who doing scholarly communications work are also liaisons for TAs? - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14EBMzxIW5pNOs0-9rPdpsNKcmvRCAEUQUtEUEWBG9JU/edit#gid=0

February 2023

Campus level publishing/OA support for arts & humanities/social sciences

    • Do you have conversations with AHSS scholars about the UC and/or campus OA support?

    • What is the general perception of transformative agreements and other OA support on your campus’ AHSS community?

    • What are you doing to promote OA publishing to the AHSS community? Do you have special initiatives that are focused on AHSS?

    • What do you think CDL and/or campus ScholComm folks could do to improve perception of OA among AHSS scholars?

    • What is not working in humanities publishing, and how might OA address any of those problems? (Catherine's question)
    • https://www.oapen.org/resources/15152035-oa-books-toolkit

January 2023

  • Introducing Miranda Bennett - scheduled Jan 2023
  • Discussion about collecting instruction materials created by SCCKG members?
  • OSTP OA policy updates

November 2022

October 2022

  • CDL leads discussion about newly increased capacity on the eScholarship Publishing program more broadly.

September 2022

  • UC OA Fund benchmarking survey results (from Anneliese and Allegra)

August 2022

  • joint meeting with the Research Data Services CKG

July 2022

  • none

June 2022

  • meeting cancelled

May 2022

  • CDL's research discovery tool - May 2022

March 2022

  • CDL - invite Ellen to talk about the CDL/JSC process for OA investments (backup for January)
    • Rachel Starry question about CDL platform hosting

February 2022

  • Deceptive journals (Allegra, Rachael, Katie, Anneliese) - steps to escalating different scenarios

January 2022

  • Tim discussion about U.S. Copyright Office DMCA 1201 exemption related to text data mining

December 2021

  • UCSF and eligibility re: OA Fund

September 2021

  • MDPI discussion

August 2021

  • canceled because of 2p joint meeting with Data Curation group that same day

July 2021

  • Catherine Mitchell on eScholarship

Parking Lot

  1. Guidelines for fair use for library work (UCB) - Tim and Michael Lange? 
  2. Global South and impact of transformative agreements on
    1. Readings of interest from LSE Impact Blog
      1. AmeliCA before Plan S: The Latin American initiative to develop a cooperative, non-commercial, academic-led system of scholarly communication - August 8, 2019, Eduardo Aguado-López and Arianna Becerril-Garcia
      2. The Plan S initiative creates more opportunities than threats to Latin America - December 3, 2019, Johann Rooryck
      3. Read-and-Publish open access deals are heightening global inequalities in access to publication - February 21, 2020, Jefferson Pooley
  3. (DONE) Faculty outreach around transformative agreements
    1. Guest: Ivy Anderson
  4. (DONE) (Tim) UCB Library work on developing criteria for local open access investments. It's still in progress, but I'd be happy to talk about our draft criteria and process
  5. (DONE) OA Investment criteria - Berkeley, UCSD, UCSF all reviewing their OA fund criteria
  6. Potential for communication with UC Health Science Librarians (a selectors group) about transformative agreements - UCHLS chairs: Ruth Gustafson (UCR), Hector R. Perez-Gilbe (UCI)
  7. (DONE) (Martha) Plagiarism software used by publishers and related publishing ethics questions (suggested by Martha Stuit)
  8. DEI in scholarly communication (OSC subcommittee working on this topic; Allegra, Anneliese, Catherine)
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