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  • December 16, 2015 Notes
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December 16, 2015      1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Notetaker: (UCI – Mitchell Brown)

In attendance: Amy Studer, Mary Wood, Mitchell Brown, Shu Liu, Mary Linn Bergstrom, Anneliese Taylor, Christy Hightower, Gary Colmenar, Katie Fortney, Jackie Wilson

Announcement: DMCA Removal Request (Katie) - CDL received a DMCA take-down notice from a company Attributor, Inc., on behalf of American Society of Civil Engineers for an ASCE article dating from 2006 from a UCLA faculty who posted the publisher final version to eScholarship in 2007. Sharon Farb and Katie Fortney documented the procedures for this takedown situation here

Text of notification letter to the faculty member from CDL -

Dear Dr. [X]:

We recently received a notification on behalf of the American Society of Civil Engineers, stating that the presence of your article “Liquefaction-induced lateral spreading in near-fault regions during the 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan earthquake,” published in 2006 and not covered by the new UC Open Access Policy, in eScholarship (UC’s open access repository) allegedly infringes ASCE’s rights under copyright law. Following the procedures of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed the PDF from eScholarship. The information about the article is still available here:

We would like to work with you to maintain the open availability of your work in eScholarship and have resources that can help with that listed below. Depending on your circumstances, you may have one or two options:

1) Upload another version of your article. ASCE’s publication agreement ( states that authors may not upload the publisher’s formatted PDF to open access repositories like eScholarship. They can, however, upload their own earlier version, “the version submitted to ASCE after peer review and prior to copyediting or other ASCE production activities.” We will be happy to work with you to replace the removed article with this approved version together with a link to the published version at The article’s eScholarship URL will remain the same, and it will retain all usage data recorded so far - 887 views and 553 downloads as of December 2015.

2) Assert your right to post this version of your article.  If you believe that neither you, nor someone authorized to act on your behalf, signed an agreement transferring copyright to ASCE, or you had permission from ASCE to post the publisher’s formatted PDF, you can send us a counter-notification. Once we receive a valid counter-notification from you, we will forward the notice to ASCE. ASCE may then seek a court order. If not, we will replace your article in eScholarship within 14 days. If you contact ASCE directly instead and they change their mind about wanting us to remove the article, please let us know.

More information about notice and takedown procedures generally is available at the Chilling Effects website.

UC Libraries have staff and resources that can help. If you have questions about this process or need any assistance, please contact Angela Riggio at,  or


Ivy Anderson

Interim Executive Director

California Digital Library

University of California, Office of the President  |

Discussion #1: Presidential Open Access Policy webinars

When announced the UC Open Access Policy was the largest Open Access policy in the world. With the addition of the Presidential OA policy that combination of UCSF OA Policy, UC OA Policy, and UC Presidential are the largest OA policy in the world. 

Question about who is covered?  Details from the webinar presentations (Nov. 18, Dec. 8)

The recordings of both webinars are now available for viewing. Feel free to share them with your library colleagues.

Webinar 1: November 18, 2015:

Webinar 2: December 8, 2015:

Discussion #2 (initial): ORCID - CDL, UCSF, UCSC and others

Discussion about interest in having ORCID as a topic at a January or February meeting.  ACTION: Shu and Katie will follow up with Lisa Schiff (CDL) and Erik Mitchell (UCB) for a discussion.  The UC Publication Management System group expressed interest in ORICD as well.  Mary Linn provided this link to the SAG1 report.  The topic will be added to a future agenda.

ORCID Team Final Report (June 4, 2015) [PDF]


Discussion #3: UC Publication Management System rollout

  1. feedback from Berkeley on their launch from November 10
  2. feedback from other campuses (San Diego, Santa Cruz) from October 20
  3. planning from Riverside for their December 1 release

UC Provost Aimee Dorr is asking UC-wide Academic Senate President Mary Gilly for a report on the early adopter campuses of the OA Policy pilot program.  Report due in “fall 2015”.  The report is being requested through the UCI Academic Senate Chair, to the head of the committee on research computing and libraries (CORCL). 

Elsevier Announces a new sharing and hosting policy for journal articles (Mitchell).  On April 30, 2015, Elsevier announced a new sharing and hosting policy for Elsevier journal articles. This policy represents a significant obstacle to the dissemination and use of research knowledge, and creates unnecessary barriers for Elsevier published authors in complying with funders’ open access policies. In addition, the policy has been adopted without any evidence that immediate sharing of articles has a negative impact on publisher’s subscriptions.  (comment from COAR webpage)

a)     ARL reponse:


Planning for UC Open Access Policy implementation on campuses:

a)     UCLA – no update

b)     UCSF – no update

c)     UCI (Mitchell) – UC PMS system looking to add SSRN as an indexing source.  Responding to Q&A from faculty concerns.  Resolution of indexing from Web of Science restored.  A module for creating CV within the author profiles is being reviewed for implementation. Irvine has seen an increased in claimed articles from April to May but a slower increase in the number of submitted articles.  Articles in a faculty profile that are "Rejected" rather than claimed can be found in the "Not Mine" folder indefinitely.  Proxy delegates will be added from departments interested in curating their faculty’s publications.

d)     Updates from other campuses 

  • San Diego (Mary Linn) – Working to gather faculty data upload from campus partners and IT department.  Made contact with chair of faculty senate library committee on communication plans.  Core group working on planning and timeline for mid-August rollout.
  • Santa Barbara (Gary) – Launch on August 31.   Sherrie Barnes, Chuck Huber, Gary and Rebecca Metzger (AUL for Outreach).  Setting up for launch with email from campus EVC and Senate Chair to faculty beginning of spring quarter.  Contact with collection managers to give presentations to departments and faculty support group, termed “faculty champions”.
  • Santa Cruz (Christy) – Launching early September.  Question about what is included in the second email?  Mary Linn contacted Justin Gonder who explained that following emails can be sent as needed.

Mary Linn shared about a workshop on digital science presentation in San Francisco on April 22, with keynote by Mackenzie Smith.  Los Angeles presentation will have Christine Borgman.  Christy would like to have a broader discussion of how to present Altmetrics, products not traditionally seen as library products, and a LaTex overlay to help users with LaTex editing, presented by Helen Josephine. Software to manage lab samples and data management for electronic lab notebooks.  What is the role of library support for products expensive for these licensed products? Are these type of products appropriate for the library to support?   Mary Linn will share the link to the upcoming program.

“Shaking It Up: Challenges and Solutions in Scholarly Information Management.” Golden Gate Room of the SF Fort Mason Conference Center, San Francisco, CA.  (April 22, 2015)

Next event: Digital Science Showcase: Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Meeting adjourned 2:00 p.m.

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