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  1. The chair sends a draft agenda and all background documents/links at least two days before the call
  2. The members indicate if they are not able to attend a call (due to vacation, conferences, schedule conflicts) on the upcoming calendar on the wiki; also indicate if you will join the call later
  3. Member connect to ReadyTalk (both on phone and web browser) by the time the meeting starts
  4. Members wait for one person to finish before speaking – it is especially hard to understand what two different people are saying over the phone
  5. Members are fully present during the call and let the other participants know if they need to step out to take care of an emergency
  6. Members always announce if they have to leave the call early
  7. The note taker role rotates among all PMCKG members by first name
  8. The note taker summarizes all action items before the end of the call (Note: the agenda needs to leave time for this!)
  9. The meeting notes are posted on the wiki no later than two business days after the call
  10. If a member cannot attend the meeting, they will learn what has been discussed by reading the meeting notes
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