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UCSD (preferred) LCGFT, TGM, AAT

RBMS terms subdivided geographically to state/country (non-US) and chronologically by decade.  For California, subdivisions are to the city level. 

Reconsidering subdivision practice in light of changes to RBMS thesauri.
UCIUCI Special Collections Genre Form guidelines.pdfLCGFT, AAT, TGM, RBMS (considered supplemental)on a heading-by-heading basis (see documentation). Subdivided generally for pre-1900 publications and California publications. RBMS subdivided to State>County>City for Orange County and State>City for other California publications.Subdividing is done in conjunction with 752.
UCBGenre/Form Term Usage at the Bancroft LibraryLCGFT, RBMS, AAT, GMGPCSubdivided on a case-by-case basis (see documentation). Geographic subdivision is generally done by place of publication/production; exception is "Mystery and detective fiction," which is subdivided by setting. LCGFT is preferred when the term is identical to RBMS and/or AAT, unless subdivision is wanted.
UCLA (Clark Library) (preferred), AATOn a heading-by-heading basis, based on most-used terms (see documentation).Not sure about the general utility of subdivisions with upcoming use of facets. Haven't discussed this with Special Collections at UCLA.
UCLA (LSC)Informal guidelinesRBMS (preferred), LCGFT, GMGPC, AATRBMS and AAT subdivided on a case-by-case basis most notably for early Italians, 19th century English literature, publisher's bindings, and artists' books; GMGPC for photographs and photo albumsMajority are local enhancements to the records
UCSCCurrently informal notes; better documentation in progress.LCGFT, RBMS, AAT, TGM (in digital image collection only)RBMS terms subdivided geographically to state/country (non-US); for California, subdivisions are to the city level.We haven't subdivided for chronology in the past, but that may change.
UCSFInformal guidelinesLCGFT, TGM, RBMS (not actively used)No subdivision policies
UCB-LawInformal guidelinesLCGFT, RBMS, AATSubdivide AAT/RBMS terms for incunabula and manuscriptsWith a few exceptions (e.g. dictionaries), the only genre terms used are manuscripts, illuminated manuscripts, incunabula, and the terms that fall under LCGFT's Law materials
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