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  • August 20, 2014 Notes
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SP CKG Agenda
August 20, 2014      1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

  1. Roll Call (Mitchell)

Katie Fortney (CDL), Jackie Wilson (CDL), Susan Mikkelsen (UCM, notetaker), Mitchell Brown (UCI), Margaret Phillips (UCB), Amy Studer (UCD), Mary Wood (UCD), Shu Lui (UCI), Anneliese Taylor (UCSF), Christy Hightower (UCSC)

Absent: Raquel Abad (UCD), Nancy Stimson (UCSD), Diane Gurman (UCLA), Rhonda Neugebauer (UCR), Gary Colmenar (UCSB)

2. Announcements (All)

  • New Member added: Shu Lui (Irvine)
  • Bethany Harris has relocated from UC Irvine to UC San Diego. May rejoin group from UCSD. 
  • Cory Craig has withdrawn from SP CKG due to workload change.

3. Outreach materials that support the OA Policy(CDL)

    • Communication with faculty for Phase I
    • Outreach materials (flyers, information cards, event plans)
  • Katrina set up a wiki for sharing OA materials. (See email from 7/29/2014, subject line: OA policy outreach materials.) Permissions in confluence may prevent us from uploading our own materials. If this happens, we can send items to Katrina.
  • Most people on the call had not had a chance to check out the google doc before the call. Katie asked that we all take a look and will follow up later.
  • Campus access to graphic design to customize shared materials? Most campuses polled have at least some access to graphic design support.
  • The more we can share materials the better. Each campus needs to craft the message they want to share with their faculty.
    • Timeline for campus communications
      • Mitchell - discussing when to announce harvesting tool approach. Probably no sooner than October. Trying to make sure that Symplectic system talks to personnel system. This synchronization is important as UCI uses personnel system for tenure and promotion process.
      • Anneliese – make sure product is user friendly before releasing. May require a little delay.
      • Katie- Faculty testing revealed some flaws in user design. Changes are being made to address these issues. Timeline is indefinite. Harvester goes back ~10 years to extract content from Scopus, data repositories, etc. System is able to harvest and display old content. Working on getting it to show what content is covered by the policy vs. older content not covered.
    • Phase II communications for Irvine, Los Angeles, San Francisco

4. Open Access Fund Pilot Assessment Report (Jackie)

    • Report went to CLS and SAG1 a couple of weeks ago. Both groups have discussed. More focused discussions and a plan for going forward are coming from these groups. Next steps for the Open Access Fund Pilot Assessment Report
      • Planning more follow up with fund recipients.
    • Funding for the upcoming year
      • Ivy Anderson (CDL) has offered another round of funding (10K) for campuses that will put up an undetermined amount of matching funds. More details will be announced later this month.
    • Campuses are still fielding questions about OA funding support.

5.  Planning for Open Access Week 2014

  • SPARC Theme for International 2014 – “Generation Open”
    • Focus on graduate students
    • Several campuses are scaling back OA week activities in order to focus on OA policy outreach.
    • UCI: focusing on OA mandate; outreach re: publishing, eScholarship, sharing success stories. There has been interest in author identifiers like Orchid
      "ORCID is an open, non-profit, community-driven effort to create and maintain a registry of unique researcher identifiers and a transparent method of linking research activities and outputs to these identifiers. ORCID is unique in its ability to reach across disciplines, research sectors and national boundaries. It is a hub that connects researchers and research through the embedding of ORCID identifiers in key workflows, such as research profile maintenance, manuscript submissions, grant applications, and patent applications. "
      There has also been some interest in ScienceCV on the UCI campus.
      “SciENcv is a new feature in My NCBI that helps users create an online professional profile that can be made public to share with others. In SciENcv users can document their education, employment, research activities, publications, honors, research grants, and other professional contributions. In addition, the SciENcv profile may include an ORCID® iD, when registered with ORCID... The SciENcv Web application is the end product of a request made by the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) to reduce the administrative burden associated with federal grant submissions..."
    • Merced: Merced has created an OA video trailer – will share on wiki. Are planning  tabling events, afaculty debate re open sharing of data, and a webinar focused on OA policy and local implications
    • Rhonda – last year’s idea – “Uploadathon” was very successful on the Irvine campus
    • Christy: focused on getting word out on OA policy: banners on website, etc.
    • Margaret: due to limited participation, probably won’t do special activities but will focus on OA policy.
    • Anneliese: spoke to rep from Science Open. May be collaborating for OA week. PeerJ is also in the SF area and may be involved.

  • Link from previous SCO wiki: UC Open Access Week Activities (

Next Call: Sept 17, 2014