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Notetaker: CDL

Present: Susan Koskinen, Samantha Teplitzky, Mary Wood, Mitchell Brown, Shu Liu, Rhonda Neugebauer, Anneliese Taylor, Gary Colmenar, Katie Fortney, Jackie Wilson


    1. Katie is the new co-Chair: interest in serving from the other campuses is still welcomed - Katie will be happy to step off when that happens; Katie and Shu will take turns to host the meetings.
    2. New member from Merced: Donald Barclay (Susan Mikkelsen has taken a new job.)

OSC site updates - what we're doing at CDL/in OSC to prepare for the potential issuance of the presidential OA policy (Katie)

  • CDL/OSC is trying to be prepared in case the policy is issued. Fall seems like a possible time with people returning to campuses, and the review period for the draft closed in Jan 2015. Working on support and information for affected authors and campus libraries.
    • COUL will be updated.
    • OSC site updates will be drafted in the coming weeks and ready to put in place if needed, especially the FAQ - additional reviewers for this document welcome!
    • Bulleted "talking points" style list was asked for with Senate policy in 2013 - will put together one about this policy once we know enough to write it, and distribute it to SP CKG.
    • Comments or questions?
      • Anneliese - questions about who is and isn't Senate faculty are common - make that clear, easy to see.
      • Mitchell - graphics about things like deposit rates with and without the publication management system (update this since it's now stale), map of where traffic is coming from to eScholarship, etc.
  • Other OSC site updates needed/in progress: We had a request for a summary/update on the the recently revised copyright and fair use policy, and Katie's working on a draft of that. We need to update the Policies & Legislation to reflect developments under the OSTP memo.

Planning for Open Access Week 2015 – October 19-25, 2015 (Mitchell & all) - and other fall events

  • Irvine - campus will be busy with celebrations for the 50th anniversary. There's an interesting project going on with special collections and zines that may have some good tie ins to talk about authors' rights, publication, distribution, and other related issues. There's also an effort to coordinate with a humanities group about signing up for ORCIDs. And there's an upcoming event about Altmetrics on August 26th - Mitchell will email the full announcement.
  • This year's LAUC-B will be on "Open Access: Reclaiming Scholarship for the Academy" on October 16. Watch for an email in the next few weeks.
  • Riverside still in planning stages. Might have Mitchell come speak.
  • UCSF might be a little quiet during OA week itself. Looking at having someone from Altmetric come speak sometime this fall, coordinating with researchers and labs.
  • UCSB has a lot of planning in process and will email the group with details. Likely events include external speaker on copyright, guests from CDL to talk about the publication management system.

Updates to rollout for UC Publication Management System on new campuses (Mitchell & all)

  •  UCSF has taken advantage of report functionality to see how many people had logged in. Wishes it were higher. Mitchell pointed out that getting two-way connections to other campus systems like promotion and tenure can have a big effect.
  • Next round of campuses (UCSB, UCSD, UCSC) getting close.

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