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The Archival Collection Management CKG is a standing group of experts and professionals who work in the area of archival management and collections management. This CKG communicates with and provides support to the UC Libraries advisory structure but does not make system-wide policy decisions, manage projects or project teams, or oversee ongoing services.

This CKG has a strong interest in sharing expertise, developing cross-campus best practices, and facilitating efficient stewardship within the sphere of archival collection management. In addition, this group has a strong interest in exploring and creating recommendations regarding principles and cross-campus best practices for archival description and management, including reparative practices, policies, and procedures.

The ACM CKG provides a forum for stakeholders to:

  • Share problem-solving strategies, best practices, protocols/workflows, and work products amongst UC libraries in the realm of archival management and collection management.
  • Explore and develop guidelines, shared tools, and best practices for archival description, including reparative description, which aims to remediate or contextualize potentially outdated or harmful language used in archival description and to create archival description that is accurate, inclusive, and community-centered.

Key Expectations

  • Gather and share information about environment, project opportunities, new and emerging technologies, best practices and standards, training and professional development opportunities, and local campus and systemwide developments within the area of archival collection management.
  • Discuss opportunities, challenges, and local and systemwide areas of growth in relation to the area of archival collection management.
  • Receive ideas from various UC constituents, discuss them and assess potential for new Systemwide services and/or service improvements.
  • Provide input and information to other UC Libraries groups as requested.
  • Conceive and advance innovative ideas and improvements relevant to the UC Libraries' Systemwide Plan and Priorities.
  • Identify collaborative opportunities throughout and beyond the UC system.
  • Any other responsibilities as deemed needed for archival collection management in the limits of the CKG charter.

To join our listserv, email the chair or vice chair.

Members of the listserv can post messages to the group using uc-acm-ckg@googlegroups.com

Current ACM CKG Leadership

ChairStacy R. Williams
Vice ChairChristine Kim
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