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  1. Roll Call
  2. Announcements/administrivia
    1. Welcome Marty Brennan as new co-chair
    2. UCLA event on Code of Best Practices on the Visual Arts on May 5, 10-2pm.  Will discuss the formation of the code, panelists with UCLA experts will take questions from the audience.
    3. Events/calendar thoughts?  
      1. UCD - "An Open Digital South: Risks and Rewards" May 25-26, 2017  URL:  ICIS final event.  It will be recorded.
      2. Make Facts Free project of osc.  Sent by Katie on 4/19.
  3. OA2020 Announcement discussion (Berkeley, Davis, and UCSF have signed. Anneliese and Rachael can't make the call, but Mike will give us an update.)
    It is an effort spearheaded by the Max Plank Society in Germany.  3 UCs are involved.
    1. UCSF, UC Davis, UC Berkeley three of four first US institutions to sign expression of interest, behind Cal State Northridge. 75+ institutions commiting to the expression of interest. Shared commitment to OA in the UCs, but questions remain over mains and coalitions. 
      1. There and happening. Momentum in Europe. 
      2. Expression of Interest is broad and therefore 
        1. OA2020 not necessarily/exclusively APC-focused model for OA. 
      3. Working to re-direct subscription funding at the 3 aforementioned UCs. 
      4. irvine: process of talking w/ faculty. Looking at costs to implement and slowing publishing costs in current model. Not looking to be an early adopter but continuing to engage in the conversation. 
  4. Updates from crossover groups if applicable
    1. OSC: Ramping up on outreach. No funding update on Elements. 
    2. Data: Another look at charge, with non-UC participants, i.e. Stanford. 
    3. STAR Team: Refreshing review of Open Library of the Humanities (OLH). Call for input/feedback from users or librarians on how OLH is being used, its value, etc. Email Mat. 
    4. CDL: Page about OA Funds- any other than Berkeley, Davis, and SF? Contact Mat. Irvine, Merced, Riverside, SD closed. 
  5. Round-robin update
    1. UCB -
    2. UCD - "An Open Digital Global South" is scheduled for May 25-26 at Davis. Details at
    3. UCI - Academic Affairs has announced that they will be retiring the Academic Affairs CRIS system to managing faculty tenure and promotion.  After a survey conducted for the Provost, the response was overwhelming negative about MyData and the decision to retire was announced for June 2018.  Academic Affairs is reaching out the UCI Libraries about support for faculty gathering publication bibliographies for the T&P process.  Campus visits for a new LMS system continue (ExLibiris on April 13, Innovative (Sierra) on April 18).  Merging of faculty papers into instance for ESS was successful; the department was happy with the results.
        • New video for NIH Mandate Compliance, from UCI Office of Research URL: (17:46) with markers to jump to sections.
        • Office of Research has purchased a local license for Dimensions, a Digital Science product for tracking funding opportunities.  Dimensions can be configured to use Elements data for faculty publishing patterns.  URL:
    4. UCLA - "Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts," May 5th 

    5. UCM -
    6. UCR - Handled publisher takedown notices for a UCR professor (this was the first time in February).  Created a template letter to inform the faculty member and offer to help with uploading the correct version of the scholarly article.  How did other campuses handle their takedowns? We are also working to add the UCR Undergraduate Journal to eScholarship (some UCs have done this; others have not).  There may be a few UCR librarians attending the Friday May 5 program on fair use best practices at UCLA.  We also are considering the Force 11 Scholarly Communications Institute, July 30-Aug. 4, 2017.  As of last year, I have begun distributing monthly updates on open access for the network of subject specialists and bibliographers that meet regularly on collection issues.  UCR is also looking for a new LMS with two vendor presentations in March.  New site of signatories is available (Rachel Anneliese, Mike available to talk about this).
    7. UCSB -
    8. UCSC - We are also looking for a new LMS and the search committee had an ExLibris presentation yesterday (April 18) and will have an Innovative presentation later this week. Katie gave a well attended (for us) presentation on copyright basics for graduate students which was co-sponsored by the Graduate Student Commons on April 7th.  Thank you Katie for another helpful event!
    9. UCSD - Also looking into new LMS.
    10. UCSF -
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