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  • April 16, 2014 Notes
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Scholarly Publishing Common Knowledge Group (SPCKG) – Conference Call Minutes

April 16, 2014

In attendance: Margaret Phillips (Berkeley), Amy Studer (Davis), Cory Craig (Davis), Mary Wood (Davis), Bethany Harris (Irvine), Mitchell Brown (Irvine) (notetaker), Susan Mikkelsen (Merced), Rhonda Neugebauer (Riverside), Nancy Stimson (San Diego) (facilitator), Christy Hightower (Santa Cruz), Katie Fortney (CDL), Jacqueline Wilson (CDL), Anneliese Taylor (San Francisco)

Absent: Raquel Abad (Davis), Diane Gurman (Los Angeles), Gary Colmenar (Santa Barbara)

Began 1:02 p.m.

1. Nancy mentioned the new member is Raquel Abad (Davis), who will on the next call in May.

2. Announcements

a. LAUC Assembly, UC Davis, April 23, 2014. Susan introduced the presentation topics for the afternoon session, titled “Best Practices for Promoting the Value of Libraries to Faculty.” The LAUC sessions will be recorded and shared via Adobe Connect. Details for accessing the video stream at linked from the LAUC Assembly website ( The presentation topics:

Senate Committees: Being at the Table = Library Value
Cynthia Johnson, Head Reference and the Grunigen Medical Library, UC Irvine
Brian Williams, Education and Outreach Librarian, UC Irvine

Indispensable Partner: Being an Embedded Librarian in a Research Methodology Class for Graduate Students
Jianye He, Librarian for the Chinese Collection, UC Berkeley

Top Dogs Campaign: Raising Faculty Awareness of Library Services
Emily Lin, Head - Digital Assets, UC Merced

Outreach to Faculty for UC Open Access Policy
Mitchell Brown, Research Librarian for Chemistry, Earth System Sciences, and Russian Studies and Scholarly Communications Coordinator, UC Irvine

The NextGen Liaison: A Modest Proposal
Adam Siegel, Bibliographer: Language and Linguistics, Agricultural and Resource Economics, Business and Management, and Economics, UC Davis

b. The proposal to catalog titles from Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) was submitted to JSC for consideration. Nancy is following up with SCP.
c. The campuses representatives (Irvine, San Francisco, Los Angeles) involved in early implementation of the faculty publication ingest will meet in Oakland on April 24. Symplectic, the vendor eScholarship will use for harvesting faculty scholarly publications, is meeting with the campus IT coordinators and outreach coordinators to configure the software to identify faculty publications. Mitchell is attending from Irvine. Details of the harvesting software implementation are included on the UC Open Access Policy implementation project,

d. Nominations for SPCKG member to OSC are open and are due to Nancy and Mitchell by 4 p.m. Thursday, April 17. SAG1 has been asked by the Office of Scholarly Communication (OSC) to nominate a person with "frontline responsibility for scholarly communication" to be a part of the OSC. The SPCKG individual chosen will be responsible for attending a regular meeting (schedule TBD) and participate in processes and decisions for the OSC in how it works with the UCLAS Advisory Structure. In particular, the individual will have the opportunity to represent the SCP as well as local campus processes. SAG1 thinks it will be particularly good if the person came from a small to mid-size campus, to ensure a full spectrum of voices on the OSC. SAG1 has identified Sharon Farb as the SAG1 representative.

e. UC Davis will be hosting a conference - Publication Mismatches: Is There a Common Currency for Academic Credit? UC Davis, April 17, 2014, 9:00AM-6:00PM, Andrews Conference Room, SSH 2203. Sponsored by Innovating Communication in Scholarship ( & the Center for Science and Innovation Studies (
The event follows the February 13-14, 2014 Publish Or Perish? The Future of Scholarly Publishing And Careers event ( Amy provided a link for the event ( and will notify the group if recordings or other documents produced.

3. OA Fund Pilot Evaluation Update
Jackie thanks Mary for her work to prepare the online survey for OA Publishing Funds for distribution at the end of April. The survey uses questions prepared by SAG1 and CDL in order to evaluate the OA funds and campus experiences. Results of the survey will be shared with CLS and SPCKG.

4. RSC Gold for Gold

Jackie shared the summary report of RSC Gold for Gold vouchers with SPCKG. She noted that San Diego was active with none vouchers used. Mitchell shared that he received interest from four authors but only one voucher was used. Outreach to faculty on campuses who publish in RSC journals can include the option for the author’s work to be made open accessible.

Topics for the next call are welcome.

Next call: May 14.

Meeting adjourned 1:31 p.m.

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