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Contributors:  Lisa Kemp Jones and Lynne Grigsby

Tools that are currently used and being evaluated by the Tools Pros and Cons team:

  • Confluence
  • Google Docs
  • Box
  • Email lists (attachments, etc)
  • Zoom
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Doodle
Potential ToolTypeProsConsRecommendations and Notes

easy, popular, free (limited) version available

mobile app available

requires additional login. Some team support needed for accounts, access.

Slack tends to be useful for people who are already using it for other team work and can incorporate it into their channel list. May not have broad enough adoption to make it useful for all groups, but has potential if all members of the group are on board, and there's a strong champion to support it.

Primary uses include instant messaging, informal banter, quick questions. Secondarily, file sharing (not editing or storage), or picture posting can be useful.

Has capability for voice communication and video.

Microsoft Teamschat/collaborationunsure - a new product, and no known users yetbrand newPotential to serve comparable function to Slack. For those who have adopted Office 365, it has promise to integrate a slack-like functionality into an existing toolkit. (No additional login required.)
Basecampcommunication/project managementEasy, free (limited)  
gitdocumentation/wiki/issue tracking   
Open Science Framework (OSF)


  recent article about OSF:
Google Groupscommunications/listserv   
Google Hangoutsvideo chat, screen sharingfree, in google universe of toolsreports of occasional instability or unannounced changes making it not all that predictable.It's a fine alternative to zoom, but zoom seems to be preferred if you can use it. For zoom users, it may be an alternative if something goes wrong with zoom.
Project Management tools (Trello, Planio)    
Visualization tools (Tableau)    
Google Analytics    
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