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10 AM


Absent: Michael Campos-Quinn (UCB BAMPFA), Rebecca Fenning Marschall (UCLA Clark), Jessie Sherwood (UCB Robbins Collection), Natalie Moller(UCR)

Discussion items:


General announcements
Welcome new member, Marilyn Treusdell (UCSB)!

Updates from SILS/Other GroupsGroup Representatives

Resource Management updates:

  • Proposal to change NZ brief level rules being tested in sandbox. Configuration will reserve brief level 1 for CDL brief records. Records with encoding levels of 5, 2, or 3 will be mapped to Alma brief level 2. Remaining encoding level values will be mapped to Alma brief level 5, 7, and 10.
  • Cleaning up non-local 999s in NZ records

    • UCB is interested in cleaning up their 999 fields. If you have information in this field, it should be marked $9 local.
  • Discussed changes to MARC 856 field, as records with 846 42 and 856 43 will begin appearing in the NZ in a few months due to WorldCat Daily Updates. Is there any local data that needs to be protected?
    • If there is local data that needs to be protected, let Cat know asap.

Discovery updates:


  • Draft email to OCLC on adding BNE (Biblioteca Nacional de España) subject headings to WorldCat records

EIMP (Ethical & Inclusive Metadata Practices):

  • New SILS team kicked off around February
  • Working on finalizing Team Charter, finding new co-chair, and drafting a survey to start

DCRMR updates

Thank you Jessie, Michelle, and Randy for a very successful DCRMR training! Okay to link slides and recording on our Wiki space?

  • Presentation slides will be added to the wiki. The recording currently lives in Zoom, so it might expire. File can be moved locally. Michelle will explore this option further.

RBMS Controlled VocabulariesMichelle

What are individual campuses doing regarding implementing the new RBMS Controlled Vocabularies, particularly that subdivisions are no longer supported?

  • Michelle notes that UCSD will not be using subdivisions moving forward, but will also not be cleaning up old records.
  • Randal notes that UCB is reviewing how they want to handle their subdivisions. Many at UCB are on board with no longer using subdivisions in records. Asked what folks have been using for local terms and how they are parsing broader terms like "Artists' books".
  • Nina said the Clark has been using 694_7 for local terms.
  • There are issues with local subjects being correctly indexed and displayed in records.
  • TJ mentioned that Primo VE allows up to 100 local fields. Randal mentioned there can be up to 50 fields that can be indexed in Primo.

Campus updates
UCLA: LSC and Clark met about bound-withs. Considering requesting new language to 852 $$z and different display for the related (parent) record). TBD.
  • The color used for the display of the parent record (when it says "boundwith of...") is blue, which can be confusing, as it looks like it is a live hyperlink.
UCB: Guidelines for Copy-Specific Information in Alma have been approved by local RMG. Now moving up the chain of approvals.

UCLA: FTVA records that were unlinked from the NZ are currently being deleted. All FTVA records remain in the IZ.

UCD: Began cataloging gifts from Martin Yan

  • Adding immediate source of acquisition information into holding records. Also adding this information to bibliographic records, so that the information can be discovered via search.

Additional announcements
Abigail: The newly formed Alma Annual Statistics Project Team is looking into how to capture statistics for tracking manuscript units. The group is currently considering counting by item-level records.

Action items