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10 AM



Absent: Patricia Lampron (UCI)

Discussion items:


General announcements

We'll take December off and reconvene in 2023! Our January and February meeting dates fall on holidays (MLK and President's Days). How do people feel about rescheduling vs canceling?

-Check in for January and take February off

  • Cat will send out a Doodle poll to schedule for January

Updates from SILS/Other GroupsGroup Representatives

Resource Management updates:

Discovery updates: None

DCRMR updates

DCRMR training scheduled for Thurs. Jan. 26 from 1-2:30 PM.  Will start advertising after Thanksgiving.

In terms of advertising, where do we send the announcement or rely on word of mouth?

  • UC Alma listserv
  • Send email to CKG list-serv for members to forward to local list-serv and individuals
  • LAUC?
  • Send draft announcement to CKG to make clear that training for people who already having training/experience with rare books
  • outline of training: organization, what's different, and walk through an example

Campus updates
  • Outline of something that's being done at the Clark:  
    Background training for students in shelving and searching; repeat with more students in January.
  • UCR is accepting applications for Director of Metadata & Technical Services again:

  • UCLA is accepting applications for Curator of Rare Books and Global Print Culture
  • UCSD is almost done with our bound with procedures; will share with group when done

  • UCB RMG has completed the Material Type definitions and will be forwarding for approval soon; as soon as the clean document is available, Randy will forward to SCCM-CKG. Also working on : bound-withs, copy-specific information. Have developed procedures for using Search External Resources to bring in OCLC records to the NZ/IZ for which there are CZ e-resources records using the same OCLC print record number; will be conducting training for staff soon.
  • Updates from UCLA: start project to describe Islamic manuscripts that have not been well described. Hired collections assistant to oversee that project.
  • TJ - CZ issue in adding OCLC number; hope that group will press ExLibris to address/remove.
  • UCSF recently had emergency preparedness consultation; sparked a conversation, since won't have preservation librarian, about whether or not can have official agreement with other UC libraries that do have preservation labs so UCSF can send materials to UCB or UCLA for preservation
    • UCB has preservation staff, but short staffed and treatment is being deferred
    • Clark/UCLA as an affiliated library does have to pay UCLA preservation lab, so there is precedent for paying for preservation work
    • UCD / UCLA has some kind of official agreement. Maybe something that whole system could consider.
    • UCLA's preservation department has gained a couple new people.  Working at more limited capacity and now working on their own backlog.
    • Randy and Abigail will send contact information for preservation people to Cat.

Additional announcements
  • OCLC can provide mapping for LCSH to other national libraries heading; National Library of Spain does have mapping in their subject headings so may be able to do it Record Manager in future
  • Is it possible to modify Primo VE subject heading displays using indicators?

Action items