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10 AM



Discussion items:


General announcements
We will meet in November but cancel the December meeting

Updates from SILS/Other GroupsGroup Representatives

Resource Management updates:

Discovery updates: None

DCRMR updates

Jessie, Randy, and Michelle met. Will meet again in November. 

Attended a training delivered last month. 

Plan to look at records and test catalog with the DCRMR.

Target audience: folks already familiar with DCRM.

Plan to create the training focusing on MARC environment.

Campus updates

UCB: local material type work still on-going; establishing boundwith procedure (derived from UCLA's) is still going

UCD: recruiting for Diversity Resident Librarian (job posting); implementing new Primo VE normalization rule that prevents 7XX with $5 non-UCD from displaying in Sandbox (sample record ; rule) and working on a similar rule for 5XX with $5 non-UCD

UCLA: getting ready to post a rare book cataloging librarian position with Islamic language expertise

Additional announcements

Item records for RLF special collection materials: each campus is doing things slightly differently. UCD's NRLF procedure

Action items