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Zoom Instructions


Discussion items

20 minAnnouncements and ad hoc agenda itemsALL

UCI: Elvia is now Digital Archivist for Special Collections and University Archives; UCI is making good progress with new prisons and society collecting area; 60 year campus anniversary in on the horizon; hired new LA iv University Archives processor

UCSD: Geisel Library has finally completed construction; brought in records from the Cross-Cultural Center and records from LGBT Resource Center

UCM: Submitting campus-wide policy proposal for directing records to university archives; many collections' locations are in flux due to impending large-scale construction project

UCB: New director of Bancroft Library, Kate Donovan, started on August 18, and will also serve as UCB's first AUL for Special Collections; Institutional Records and Faculty Papers Processing Archivist search recently completed; October is Filipino-American history month, new exhibition has launched

UCR: Doing a lot of outreach for university records; received records from Associated Students of UCR; have received ~300 linear feet of videos from campus media; UCR Extension records recently donated historical promotional materials; currently digitizing African Student Program records; completed processing of Radio Carbon Lab records; formed records management liaison committee 

UCD: Submitted recruitment report for UA recruitment; hired Head of Archival Processing; had a site visit and consultation from Ready or Not Cultural Heritage Disaster Preparedness Project, will receive a report that can be turned into a disaster plan

UCSC: Will soon hire a UA; will be hiring a processing archivist; currently acquiring records from UC observatories, and UCSC student resource centers

UCSB: Working on getting through existing backlog (offsite annex was closed in 2020, which brought in a lot of materials); bringing in a lot of science faculty papers; ongoing search of Special Research Collections Director; has no processing staff at the moment; had first session of Records Road Show for summer session staff; Matt and Andrea have been planning Electronic Records Day events (11/1)

5 minCreate a Slack channel for our group?MarlaynaWe can create a channel on the LAUC workspace. It can be open or private. LAUC has invited people to use it as a collaborative workspace across the UCs, not specifically related to LAUC. It a free version of Slack, so older messages would begin to disappear after 10K, so not a place to track work, but for more quick, casual, communication or direct one-to-one chats.
10 minFuture topics/issuesAudra

Joint meeting with UCAC in 2023 - January? Matt and Andrea to check on this

Topics to discuss/explore

  • Campus records management systems - how UCAC can access, transfer, and use these records?
  • Email statement - progress update? - AEY follow up with Matt, Marlayna, Andrea on draft to share with HOSC
  • Digital preservation infrastructure for UA
  • Access to born-digital UA materials, mediated/virtual reading room models
5 minWrap up and next meetingAudraEvery two months meeting

Action Items

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