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10 AM



  • Randy Brandt (UCB Bancroft) - recorder
  • TJ Kao (UCD)
  • Patricia Lampron (UCI)
  • Nina Schneider (UCLA Clark)
  • Annette Doss (UCLA Film & Television Archive)
  • Abigail Connick (UCLA LSC)
  • Natalie Moller (UCR)
  • Belinda A. Egan (UCSC)
  • Michelle Mascaro (UCSD)
  • Cat Lu (UCSF) - convenor
  • Discussion items:

General announcements

Updates from SILS/Other GroupsGroup Representatives

Resource Management updates:

  • CJK searching option was implemented in the NZ, UCLA, and UCSD sandboxes
    • Re-indexing of sandboxes causing performance issues affecting searches (sandboxes only)
  • New policy on Language of Cataloging in the UC NZ
    • Preference for English language cataloging for new records in NZ
    • Migrated records with 040 $b other than “eng” are allowable
  • Discussion on whether or not to continue protecting 506 field from overlay
    • Discussion is progress, but the consensus seems to be that campuses are OK with removing the protection
  • Tabling secondary resource types due to the amount of configuration required, waiting until ExL has a way to do it that doesn't add so much work for catalogers
  • UC session on WorldCat Daily Updates coming soon (late September or early October)

Disovery updates:

  • None

DCRMR updatesMichelle

Jessie, Randy, and Michelle are meeting tomorrow (9/20) to talk about DCRMR training.

First things to address will include the scope of the training (what level of cataloger will the training be aimed at? DCRM-experience required?) and how many sessions to present.

Still planning to hold training in January 2023.

Campus updates

UCB (Randy): Local RMG is developing definitions of Material Type codes for item records; Randy will share with SCCM CKG when finished. Randy will be taking lead on developing bound-with procedures for UCB (based on documentation developed by UCLA)

UCD: None

UCI: None

UCLA: None

UCLA Film & Television Archive (Annette): Records have been moved to IZ only; ~4,000 records were re-migrated from Voyager; cleanup projects underway.

UCR: None

UCSC: None

UCSD (Michelle): Also working on bound-with procedures; developing cleanup projects for item record call numbers (when multiple items with different call numbers but the same location migrated to a single holdings record)

USCF (Cat): Working on newly discovered cleanup for 856 fields where finding aids exist in our local records but not in the NZ record.

Additional announcements


Action items