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10 AM



Randy Brandt (UCB Bancroft)

Jessie Sherwood (UCB Robbins Collection)

TJ Kao (UCD)

Patricia Lampron (UCI)

Nina M. Schneider (UCLA Clark)

Annette Doss (UCLA Film & Television Archive)

Jessica Geiser(UCR)

Natalie Moller(UCR)

Martha McTear (UCSB)

Belinda A Egan(UCSC) [recorder]

Michelle Mascaro(UCSD)

Cat Lu (UCSF) [convener]

Discussion items:


General announcements

Updates from SILS/Other GroupsGroup Representatives

Resource Management updates:

  • UC/ExL Meeting for CJK Search results testing
    • Going to test searching setup in NZ and maybe 1-2 IZ sandboxes after sandbox refresh on 8/14

3 options are available:

        • Search in traditional Chinese/Kanji or simplified Chinese/Kanji and return results in both traditional Chinese/Kanji and simplified Chinese/Kanj.

        • Search in Hangul (Korean) and return results in both Hangul and Hanja.

        • Search in Hiragana (Japanese) and return results in both Hiragana and Katakana.

  • WorldCat Daily Updates 903 field exclusions
    • Campuses discovered 903 field was not actually excluding records from WDU, so far only UCLA was impacted and they've removed those records out of the NZ for now
    • WDU was paused for over a week
  • Held session on publishing bib records and LHRs
  • Secondary resource types discussion and scenarios. If anyone has examples of when this might be useful, pass them along to your local RM team member.


Nina reported that UCLA has hired a new Digital Initiatives and Information Technology (DIIT) staff member who is working on enabling Primo to display local name and subject headings.

TJ reported that testing of the new RDA policy guidelines and application profiles for PCC will begin around October, with final recommendations coming in early 2023. UC systemwide training will probably be offered.


Do we wish to do any systemwide training on DCRMR?

Everyone was attracted to the idea of a systemwide training for DCRMR: Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (RDA Edition). Michelle, Jessie, and Randy will collaborate on finding or creating the training, with a target date of January 2023. If anyone else would like to join them, email Michelle.

Campus updates

UCSB: Martha is moving to the University of Washington. We’ll miss her. The position of Director of Special Collections at UCSB has been posted:

UCB: Jessie reported that the UCB is recruiting a new head of cataloging, and that the law library is recruiting a cataloging and metadata services librarian: Randy reported that the new director of the Bancroft, Kate Donovan, starts on August 18.

UCR: Natalie reported a failed search for Director of Metadata and Technical Services.

UCLA: Nina reported that a new special collections cataloger has been hired and will be joining this CKG.

Additional announcements

Randy brought up the issue of $5 local information from the Library of Congress coming into
the NZ from OCLC and potentially causing confusion for patrons.

  • There was discussion of possible remedies for this, either by setting up rules for import,
    or by configuring Primo to suppress the fields in display.
    · Complications could arise for campuses that use the $5 for their own local notes, or to
    indicate the different campus libraries (as at UCLA)—we wouldn’t want this to be
    removed or hidden. But, as long as the fields with $5 are in local extension fields, this should not be a problem.

Michelle asked whether patrons given feedback on the French headings? No one reported receiving complaints about headings in other languages. TJ reported that Davis includes Spanish headings, as well as French and German, and they all display in Primo.

Action items