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Josh Hutchinson

Michelle Mascaro

Josh Fiala

Martha Mctear

Jessica Geier

Belinda Egan

TJ Kao

Nina Schneider

Annette Doss 

Natalie Moller

Cathleen Lu

Michael Campos-Quinn


Randy Brandt

Discussion items

General announcements
  • Reminder: please add your campus updates to the Local Genre Policy
  • Cat Lu (UCSF) has deferred convenership to 2022/23.  Martha McTear (UCSB) will be convener for 2021/22
    • Next meeting deferred until August 2021
    • Martha M. will share a poll soon to find a new meeting time

Updates from SILS GroupsGroup Representatives
  • Resource Management Functional Group (TJ, Cathleen, Martha, Belinda)
    • Decision pages for day 1 policies/procedures are in progress
    • MVP-level documentation is in progress, being voted on (e.g. polices/instructions on OCLC Gateway, working in NZ vs IZ, etc.)
    • WorldCat daily updates will be turned on in September for all monographs (including special collections, if a campus’ special collections records are in the NZ)
  • ILS Data Cleanup (TJ, Josh, Cathleen)
  • Archives & Special Collections Escalation Leaders (Jasmine, Jessica)
    • No update

Post migration harmonization list–next steps

  • Side note: UCLA has heard that Aeon links might not be available until September? There are some issues to be resolved first with (for example) SRLF’s new inventory system.  Other campuses have not heard that.
  • Finding aid links: 
    • Systemwide Discovery FG is working on this question (how to display finding aid links), there may or may not be a push to harmonize systemwide
    • Michelle M. will set up a page on this group’s wiki to document how each campus currently handles finding aid links
    • UCSD is planning to use the “Harvard model” rather than using Primo portfolios for finding aid links, as portfolios would be more difficult to undo/modify in the future
  • 752 hierarchical place names: 
    • Would affect indexing in Alma & Primo, should perhaps be addressed sooner rather than later?
    • Randy B. is not present today, but would have the most to say about it
  • Bound-withs:
    • Will be addressed post go-live
    • On the next RMFG agenda
    • Ex Libris has a new presentation about “related records,” including bound-withs:
  • Holdings records for local data instead of bib records?
    • TBD after go-live
    • Two options for using holdings records include retroactive vs first-day-forward use of this method
    • Is the holdings record data indexed in Primo? TBD.
  • Genre headings
    • Each campus should add local data designation (using the correct subfield) to locally added genre heading tags; this should protect against deletion in case of the data not being present in the OCLC record and being removed in a potential Worldcat update
    • “Do no harm” - don’t remove genre headings from OCLC or SILS records that are not obviously incorrect

Campus updatesAll
  • UCI: SCA Archival remediation project; departmental changes; discussions around boundwiths; new indexes in Primo (970, 971, 69x, but not 975 or whatever); 3 weeks of training; archives faceting by resource type-- CDI
  • UCSC hiring for a community archivist & oral historian

Action items