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Present: Michelle Mascaro, Nina Schneider, Martha McTear, Josh Hutchinson, Jessica Geiser, Josh Fiala, Randal S. Brandy, Annette Doss, Michael Campos-Quinn, Belinda Egan, Jessie Sherwood, Natalie Moller

Absent: Cat Lu, Rebecca Fenning Marschall, Jasmine Jones

Discussion items

General announcements
  • CKG is officially a year old!  (DOC approval was April 30, 2020)

Updates from SILS GroupsGroup Representatives
  • Resource Management Functional Group (TJ, Cathleen, Martha, Belinda)
    • Discuss on best practices on importing OCLC records workflows. The recommendation will be made tomorrow. 
    • Lots of topics are discussed but nothing is related to Special Collections materials.
    • UCB is very likely to have some catalogers using NZ Gateway and others using IZ Gateway.
    • UCSD has considered using only one OCLC Gateway Export to avoid confusion and begun exploring import profiles. At this moment, all Special Collections records go into IZ until the dedup between Special Collections and General collections is done.
  • ILS Data Cleanup (TJ, Josh, Cathleen)
  • Archives & Special Collections Escalation Leaders (Jasmine, Jessica)
    • No news since nothing escalates so far.

Post migration harmonization listMichelle

Finding aid links: It is likely Discovery FG is going to make a harmonization decision on finding aids links. UCSB's example and UCI's example. The Primo PNX will pick up URLs in 856 to display it on the top of the record as long as the data is there. Some efforts on harvesting from external resources are under way though the result won't come out post-migration.

Boundwiths: will be revisited post-migration. UCI explores better ways to display boundwiths but will defer to ExL for recommendations.

Genre headings: the issue is some campuses use local headings without coding so. Also, some headings appear multiple times in a record because they are from different thesauri. It looks redundant. Randy emphasizes the benefit of having a guideline on using genre headings for all campuses. Josh mentions UCI's attempt to evaluate their current practice of using genre headings and agrees a harmonization among campuses will help.

752: UCI moved data from 752 to a 9XX field and is advocates for harmonization. Randy seconds. 

Action item: Michelle will create a page for folks to add their local genre practices/guidelines.

CKG leadershipMichelle

From our charter section 3: "Process for Selecting Conveners:Term length for conveners will be one year starting July 1. Appointment will rotate in alphabetical order by campus name starting with UCSD." We are waiting for confirmation from USCF. If she can't do it, UCSB will be the next in line.

So we are due for a new convener in July. 

Campus updatesAll

Plans for pre-migration freeze:
UCSD: SPC staff focus on scanning, and cleaning up serial holding statements, updating URLs and training.
UCI: Merging duplicate OCLC records and enhancing local important/UCI authority records.

Action items