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1 PM


Recorder-UCB Robbins Collection

Present: Michelle Mascaro, Randy Brandt, Michael Campos-Quinn, Jessie Sherwood, TJ Kao, Josh Hutchinson, Annette Doss, Josh Fiala, Nina Schneider, Natalie Moller, Cathleen Lu, Belinda Egan

Absent: Martha Mc Tear, Jasmine Jones, Rebecca Fenning Marschall, Jessica Geiser

Discussion items

General announcements
  • None

Updates from SILS GroupsGroup Representatives
  • Resource Management Functional Group (TJ, Cathleen, Martha, Belinda)
    • List of decisions, including "Bib records to leave out of NZ", "Local bib data 5xx-9xx"
    • Cat: RLF decisions about what kinds of records linked to NZ will be up to SC; UCB and UCLA will be asked to bring RLF records into the NZ
  • ILS Data Cleanup (TJ, Josh, Cathleen)
    • TJ: details for post-migration clean up, list by urgency, and finish by the end of April, then put into a more structured format
  • Archives & Special Collections Escalation Leaders (Jasmine, Jessica)
    • not present

RLF migration recommendationMichelle
  • RMFG Decision Page
  • Michelle: If having records brought over, set policies for SC records so it's clear that patrons need to go to campus to consult them
  • Nina asked about the implications of the network zone for OAC rcords
  • Josh H.: there are debates about how/whether to import OAC records
  • Josh H: where are other campuses at on decisions about RLF records?
    • Michlelle - UCSD's RLF records won't be migrated for the general collection except for analyzed serials; special collections will come over
    • Cat - UCSF not migrating gen Coll at all, special collections coming over (from chat)
    • Natalie - : UCR is suppressing RLF holdings records (which will suppress the bib records if RLF are the only holdings) and adding a prefix to the OCLC number to prevent the records from linking/sending to NZ (from chat)
    • Belinda - UCSC will be linking special collections RLF records in the NZ; we gave up all our general collection RLF records to NRLF.

Tool for comparing MARC records

Michael : demonstrated a tool for comparing sets of MARC records that he will send to the list-serv

Searching local notes across UCNina

Hoping to start a conversation on how/if local notes can be searched across campus and possible workarounds

  • Nina: deicision about putting local information in holdings note – can this be found in NZ or will it have to go in to the IZ
  • TJ: doesn't think it possible to search holding records for notes, so can see no matter which Primo being used (does that seem right TJ Kao ?) Need to check with other libraries; all campuses decide to put that information into holdings records but have limitations since only so much information can be added. It should be possible to make public notes visible to other campuses.

Local/copy-specific information in Holdings recordsRandy

Will the CKG be making best practices recommendations about the use of Holdings records for local information? How are Alma campuses using Holdings now? 

  • Randy: what will the practice be post-migration; recommendations that we can take back to our campuses?
  • Cat: +1 to developing best practices re: holdings for local info (from chat)
  • TJ: probably a good idea
  • Michelle: might be awhile before this can be implemented
  • Nina: maybe we want to wait until after go-live
  • Natalie: 541 and 561 moved from bib. to holdings
  • Josh H.: worth discussing
  • TJ: put an example record in the chat:  here is a UCD record example with notes in holding records: (from chat)
  • TJ: this might be something for the discovery group
  • Josh H.: for campuses with granular 5xx fields; will they be able to recover that?
  • TJ:  demonstrated holding records mapping tools; this will be a long-tail clean up

Post migration harmonization listMichelle (lead) all

Started a while back a running a list of potential practices to harmonize post migration.  Anything to add, delete?

  • 340s and 3xxs
  • Michelle: Should Bound withs go up to RFMG
    • TJ: can mention to RFMG; they may not take immediate action but probably no objections, but maybe post-migration
  • Michelle: asked about shared collections like the California Feminist Press Collection and consistent practices post-migration
    • Randy: suggests migrating local fields so they get preserved during migration
      • UCI in process;
      • UCSC has already done this migrating 793 to 973
      • UCSB 793 will become 973 when they migrate
    • Michelle: If you come across other shared named collections please send out over listserv so other campuses and check their records and move notes to local fields.
  • Finding aid links
    • RFMG decision includes some consideration for portfoliozation; AFMG deferred decision
      • Josh H.: UCI moving digital materials to Calisphere; exploring possibility of links in Primo; will not be using portfolios for digital links.
      • Michelle: UCSD have been created link to digitized versions; plan to portfolioize for migration
      • Randy: UCB/Bancroft doesn't have very many links; mostly sending directly to Hathi trust so they are separate records already. Oral history should be made into portfolios during migration. No discussion about portfoliozation for 856 4 2 link
      • Josh F.: not involved in decisions about what will happen in the newsystem
      • Belinda: UCSC had some issues with links not showing up unless signed into Primo; they did turn into portfolios but those are not working as intended
      • Nina: UCLA local discovery hasn't discussed this
      • Michelle: bring question to statewide discovery
      • TJ: portfolio easier to manage but not ideal for system-wide discovery
    • How to leverage local data consistently (discussion topic above add.)

Campus updatesAll

Question raised about future meetings and whether to continue having monthly meetings given the onset of SILS?

Agreement to continue with monthly meetings, except maybe in July and August.

Action items