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1 PM



Present: Michelle Mascaro, Randy Brandt, Michael Campos-Quinn, Jessie Sherwood, TJ Kao, Josh Hutchinson, Annette Doss, Josh Fiala, Nina Schneider, Jessica Geiser, Natalie Moller, Cat Lu, Martha McTear, Belinda Egan

Absent: Jasmine Jones, Rebecca Fenning Marschall

Discussion items

General announcements
  • Nina: UCLA has started doing local pre-training in anticipation of the Alma workshops starting Apr. 5; they are watching ExL videos, meeting as a group, doing homework, and preparing questions.
  • Randy: UCB had their Alma workshops last week (Mar. 8-12); focus was more on Acquisitions and Fulfillment than Cataloging. A 3-part series of webinars on Authorities in Alma provides good information on cataloging, though.
  • Cat: UCSF is having their Alma workshops this week (Mar. 15-19); it is helpful to provide ExL with specific examples that they can use (for example, searching "Architecture" in the UCSF catalog doesn't retrieve any results).
  • Michelle: UCSD is also preparing for ExL workshops (but not as extensively as UCLA is!).
  • Josh H.: The recording from the 3/11 Ex Libris Integrations Overview meeting is now available.
  • Randy will be teaching an abbreviated online version of Rare Book Cataloging, focusing on principles of transcription, at California Rare Book School in August.

Updates from SILS GroupsGroup Representatives
  • Resource Management Functional Group (TJ, Cathleen, Martha, Belinda)
    • Two decisions have been made for go-live: Local bibliographic data (5XX-9XX) and Non-OCLC IDs in 035.
    • Documentation outlining workflows for OCLC and Alma are forthcoming.
    • Subgroups have been formed to look at various topics, including the RLFs, WorldCat Updates, GOBI, etc.
    • Additional workflows, including cataloging of special collections materials, are being developed.
  • ILS Data Cleanup (TJ, Josh, Cathleen)
    • Fine-tuning post-migration cleanup tasks (for Day 1, Week 1, longer term); next step: add more details about each task.
    • Developing strategies and recommendations for handling 035 cleanup (ex.: HathiTrust integration looks for 035 that either have no prefix or have the OCoLC prefix - this can be adjusted so that it only looks for prefixed 035s).
  • Archives & Special Collections Escalation Leaders (Jasmine, Jessica)
    • No report. Next meeting: Mar. 18.

Test load testingAll
  • UCB: Data migration generally looks good. Some mistakes in mapping were made; will be corrected for go-live. Will be looking at unlinked analytics and merging of different formats in Primo (TJ & Josh: This can be altered by making adjustments post-migration to how Primo handles FRBR-ization - you have to decide which users you want to annoy the least).
  • UCD: Testing workflows for SCP records, import profiles, and working with the NZ.
  • UCI: Forgot to add local extensions to some classes of local fields; will correct that for go-live. Aeon integration requires the presence of an item record; UCI does not use item records for serials in special collections, so item records will have to be added if they want Aeon requesting of serials to work properly. Started updating MARC field changes (e.g., the field for cataloger initials) and updating cataloging documentation.
  • UCLA: 
    • Josh: Focusing on data cleanup and getting OCLC numbers added to records that lack them.
    • Annette: The Film Archive is working with the Main Library on local authorities; migration went well.
    • Nina: Local Discovery FG is breaking up into small groups to look at various issues in Primo; but they don't have patron IDs yet so work hasn't started.
  • UCR: The moratorium on editing records was lifted today. There was a misunderstanding with ExL on what was going be linked to the NZ (at the bib level vs. the holdings level). Working on workflows.
  • UCSD: Some finding aid links (coded with indicators 42) ended up being made into portfolios. Why? Have started testing in Primo VE.
  • UCSF: Data migration looks good. Some records that were meant to be suppressed ended up in the NZ; will fix that for go-live. Have been experimenting with NRLF holdings.
  • UCSB: A small group of catalogers have been doing data review. Doing some Primo testing. Working on making sure local data is protected.
  • UCSC: Testing workflows. Looking at multi-match reports and bound-withs (Belinda sent a link to the Orbis Cascade policy on Bound-withs).

Action items