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9 AM



Present: Michelle Mascaro, Randy Brandt, Michael Campos-Quinn, Jessie Sherwood, TJ Kao, Joshua Hutchinson, James Fiala, Nina Schneider, Jessica Geiser, Natalie Moller, Martha McTear, Belinda Egan

Absent: Annette Doss, Jasmine Jones, Rebecca Fenning Marschall, Cat Lu

Discussion items

General announcements

Michelle is now part of the SILS RLF testing grouping.

Updates from SILS GroupsGroup Representatives
  • Resource Management Functional Group (TJ, Cathleen, Martha, Belinda)
    • Members are starting to analyze the Test Load environments, including migration issues, collaborative workflows, sources for training documentation for the Internal Training group, OCLC daily update processes, and CDL and managing NZ access.
  • ILS Data Cleanup (TJ, Josh, Cathleen)
    • Members shared their initial impression of SILS test load data. Once more information is gathered, the group will work on making more recommendations related to data cleanup
    • Continues working on identifying post-migration day 1 cleanup tasks
  • Archives & Special Collections Escalation Leaders (Jasmine, Jessica)
    • Waiting for access and for Primo VE instances.

Finding aid links

Any testing to make finding aid links display more prominently.

  • UCI turned the finding aid links into portfolios (which are technically for eresources themselves, not finding aids), which makes them very visible. They are also testing adding another link for digital items in Calisphere. Link to a sample record in the UCI sandbox
  • Jessica mentioned another solution, from Georgia Southern, displaying a link from the 555 $u (the Georgia Southern presentation was the origin of the UCI test)
  • Campus can select that all 856s be portfolioed (P2E) or one 856 with select indicators such as 856 40.  TJ pointed out that it's easier to do link clean-up after migration, to avoid stand-alone portfolios.
  • This might be worth an attempt at harmonization, after go live.

Test load testingAll

Most are just starting to look at the new environments.

  • Genre headings: local genre headings will be overwritten unless protected/copied into a 9xx field, as Berkeley did. This is another issue where we'll have intercampus and intracampus variation, and might attempt harmonization later (if we live that long).
  • The 506 field is not protected from being overwritten-- this will need a solution, especially for records for film archives.
  • UCR withheld some bib records from linking to the NZ, but holdings still were linked. UCSD noted that records for some non-book formats in the special collections location did link, which was not intended.
  • Briefer, un-upgraded RLF records from UCB/UCLA are overwriting upgraded records from other campuses: a solution after go live would be for each campus to isolate their own records in the NZ and upgrade them
  • Multi-match reports show that the matches are due to unmerged records (from two or more of the bigger campuses). The solution would be a forced merge batch process after go live, but this would be scary.

Adding MARC tag 340 for rare books (if time allows)TJ

Investigation report

  • So far, only Randy is using the 340 field. It's straightforward to create it when cataloging now, but a retrospective batch process doesn't seem possible.
  • Is this another opportunity for harmonization?

Action items