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  • Jasmine Jones


Discussion items

  • Notes note: UCLA will take multiple turns at notes because they love taking notes.

Updates from SILS GroupsGroup Representatives
  • Resource Management Functional Group (TJ, Cathleen, Martha, Belinda)
    • One meeting cancelled over the past month. Sort of waiting at this stage for the vanguard load so that data can be tested and seen in Alma.
    • Flurry of decisions for the vanguard (see the decisions pages on the wiki) – most of them have a range of options, including the option of leaving things alone so we can see things in the vanguard as-is
    • Note that non-vanguard campuses may not have access to the NZ for testing, so it may be necessary to partner with a vanguard campus, or specify use-cases-- need to convince the ICs why they need to see the vanguard data. Nothing yet settled at this point, though there are a number of potential scenarios. Concerns about patron data being exposed outside of the home campus. 
      • The sandbox will/may/should be able to fulfill many of the needs of the data testing.
      • non-vanguard libraries will also have the ability to test in the Jan/Feb test (see swim lane timeline and timeline)
  • ILS Data Cleanup (TJ, Josh, Cathleen)
    • By mid-August the guidelines will be shared with everyone for baselines of what to clean up
    • this is purely the baseline, but further cleanup is... OK! Fine!
    • Data cleanup group will come up with another blog to address the recommendations of the RM functional group (one already posted)
  • Archives & Special Collections Escalation Leaders (Jasmine, Jessica)
    • Not too much to report – no decisions have come up to this group at all.
    • Trying to work out how to be more proactive rather than reactive.
  • Big topic in SILS downhill – how to communicate and consult more actively and make sure that all the groups are being involved and aware of ongoing decisions and questions.
  • Discovery local group at UCLA (Nina S.)
    • outstanding decision about whether to have a single UCLA instance of Primo or to have a Special Collections stand-alone version as well. Going to do an environmental scan to see what's around.

Campus practices for encoding local data (pre-SILS)

General interest in the ability to use holdings records for local notes--


  • 500 with $5 with local code
    • UCLA – Clark library generally follows the same practices as campus
    • UCB – East Asian library working on cleanup project to align with Bancroft practices (moving 500 to 590s)
    • UCLA – East Asian Library also might use 500 rather than 590
  • 501
    • Several campuses are using this for local boundwiths
    • UCLA – biomed special collections use this for boundwiths. For the vanguard load all of this information is being copied into 590s, but unsure about what kind of cleanup is happening.
    • Local 501 notes that are migrated in the 501 will be migrated into the NZ (IF YOU'RE THE FIRST CAMPUS) or lost. This applies to the non-59x 5xx fields.
  • 506
    • wide variety of uses throughout the campuses
  • 533 with subfield 5
    • provider specific use for reproductions
    • also old ones that don't have the delimiter 5
    • UCB is planning to map local 5xx, 6xx and 7xx fields into 59x, 69x, and 9xx fields for the Vanguard
  • 541
  • 560
    • Berkeley uses for electronic bookplates (UCLA uses the 901 for this)
  • 561
    • most campuses use this, often for archival materials but also (e.g. UCB) for provenance information in all SpCol materials.
  • 563 
    • binding information
    • UCLA - Clark - moving these from 563 to 590s
    • UCB - Bancroft - uses for every book record – will be migrating to vanguard in a 59x
  • 590
    • Davis, Irvine and SB are making efforts to consolidate local notes into 590s because of varying practices over time.
    • SB has historically put multiple 590s per copy, which can get very messy when there are multiple copies of items.
    • SD – policy is there should be one 590 per copy unless it's too long (multiple fields for readability) but each needs to be prefaced with copy information.
    • B - generally has multiple fields (each describing different attributes of the books), but if there are many copies, notes are consolidated into one 590 field in order to improve readability/comprehension
  • 6xx $5
    • nobody uses
  • 655
    • UCB will probably load 655s with $5 into 695

Will finish up with 7xx fields next month!

Cleanup project inventory
Remember to add your projects.

Action items