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Discussion items

See for notes.

  Confluence wiki Michelle
  • At last meeting, a couple people expressed a preference for using Confluence over Google Docs. Check-in to verify that is the direction we want to go.

Updates from SILS GroupsGroup Representatives

SILS Phase 4 Confluence site is now live to public

  • Resource Management Functional Group (TJ, Cathleen, Martha, Belina)
  • ILS Data Cleanup (TJ, Josh, Cathleen)
  • Archives & Special Collections Escalation Leaders (Jasmine, Jessica)

Local Data

Resource Management Functional Group issued their recommendation for local data in 9XX for Vanguard campuses, which gives several options to allow for experimentation.

From this document "Local notes in Alma are only allowed in 9XX, 09X, 59X, 69X. Campuses are encouraged to move any local notes into these fields to avoid losing them during Network Zone Migration. Fields like 541 are retained in Alma so long as they belong to the first record into the NZ, any fields in matching records added after the first one will be lost unless they are marked as local."

Local data issues have also come up at the Escalation Leaders see 2020-06-11 meeting notes.

Local data is a meaty topic that we will certainly return to thorough out SILS. First step for today, develop a shared understanding of migration issues for specific fields and how various campuses are (considering) addressing them.

  • Local 5xx

The 59X is a protected local field in Alma. What are campuses looking at, about migrating copy specific information in other 5xx (e.g., 501, 541, 561, 563, other 5XX with subfield 5)

  • Local 7xx

79X is not used in Alma.

  • Local 69x

(Time permitting; received specific requests to talk about 5XX and 7XX, so putting this last)

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Action items