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  • Kathryn Stine

  • Tori Maches

  • Charlie Macquarie
  • Christina Fidler
  • Jon Jablonski
  • Jennifer Chan
  • Jerrold Shiroma
  • Julie LeFevre
  • Matthew McKinley

Discussion items

5-10 minutesAdministriviaKathryn
  • Archive-It

  • WACKG leadership going forward

  • Discussion topic backlog:

    • capture tools scan/assessment

    • web archives use (including analytics from AIT)

    • web archives as data

    • preservation - UC3 staff planning to attend July meeting for discussion about Merritt for preservation needs beyond storage with Archive-It

  • Soft interest in Merritt for web archives preservation?
    • yes - CM: have larger conversations about holistic digital preservation strategy, pipeline back to AIT/roundtripping? is this part of an overall strategy?
    • yes - CF: integration should be seamless, ideally
    • yes - TM: looking forward to learning more, good to distribute having content beyond AIT
    • Please continue to add questions/ideas in this document in advance of our 7/9 meeting
10-15 minutesNews of Note: announcements, conference presentations/report backs, project updates, calls for participation, etc. All
~30 minutes

Discussion on approaches to event-driven web archiving

  • Anyone using Noah Geraci's (UC Riverside)script for sleuthing out COVID-19 related content using the Bing API to search across websites and then generate a seedlist:
    • CF: aiming to use this to demonstrate what's not being collected, gaps - use for advocacy to try to get this content collected.
    • JJ: working with (Wuhan based?) faculty to assess personal collections that captured censored content, also social media (weibo, microblogging content) harvesting will be mining (using tools, including Nvivo) for commonly used phrases/terms to derive bilingual ontology for childrens lit; adhering with GDPR, only saving unique ids and not the content (using DocNow tools for "dehydrating/hydrating") CF: NB that Howard Besser has been talking about scrubbing content in these collecting contexts. KS: could you come back to this group (and the Born Digital CKG?) to share details, process, etc. JJ: perhaps by August?
  • Archive-It is looking to develop a cross-collection COVID-19 search portal and deriving datasets/research resources at some point in the future...TBD
  • Collecting strategies: seedlist development, metadata standards?
  • Other common collecting issues:
    • CF: "Blockley" UCB in Minecraft, built by students for students - how to capture? it'd include a Minecraft server and discord (web or desktop/client based: some ideas challenging to emulate, but worth documenting in some way. with discord, there are privacy issues. potential for anonymizing users? the commencement program that happened in Blockley was public (streaming, recording, comments, etc.)
    • Collecting antiracism activism (ethically fraught), institutional response/engagement/lack thereof (including "black in the ivory")?
    • Archivists supporting activists - re donating time/support for activists archiving/documenting police violence, documenting their work:

Action items