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  • Put Names to our faces
  • Introduction
  • Shared Cataloging System (SILS)
  • How our collection development practices differ from each other, and how these differences might impact our contributions as members of this and other CKGs.

Discussion items

25 Min.IntroductionAll of Us
  • Institution + How we do our collection development
10 Min.SILS All of Us


15 Min.How we workAll of Us


  • The nature of our works was different depending on our institutions and our organizational system. A lot of reorganization happening at the moment.
  • Questions about "Shared Print Program."
  • Hybridization of Humanities disciplines.
  • CKG can be more than about collection development. Environmental scan to see how our work as a librarian is evolving and how we can collaborate and learn from each other better.
  • Each campuses' strength in literature collection. For example: Davies has strength in Gaming collection and Disability Studies collection.

Action items

  • How this CKG can be more than about collection development. Richard Cho